This week we will try and guide you on how to find the perfect hair colour for you. When choosing your new hair colour there are certain things we recommend you consider. Changing your hair colour is one of the bigger things you can easily do to ‘upgrade’ your look. However, finding a hair colour that suits you and will make you happy with the result can be difficult. Which is why we have made this blog post to help you find the perfect hair colour for your look.

How to find the perfect hair colour for your skin tone

What is essential in this regard is to create a contrast between the complexion of your skin and the colour of your hair. If the two resembles each other too much, the features of you face will be invisible.

  • Warm skin tone

Light warm tones look best against a hair colour that will cast a soft glow on your face. Optimal here would be colours such as buttery blonde, strawberry blonde and honey.

Medium warm skin tones look great with golden or buttery blonde, golden caramel brown or cobber colours.

  • Cool skin tone

If you have a light cool skin tone, you should also go for a cool, blue-based hair colour like platinum blonde or ivory black. However, if your skin is a bit darker, yet still cool, go for ashy shades like ash or wheat blonde or walnut brown.

  • Olive skin tone

This glowing skin complexion looks great with an earthy colour or a rich brown. If your skin has greenish undertones, go for colours like chestnut brown, auburn, dark red or cinnamon. In contrast, if you have a warm skin tone choose a dark brown colour like coffee, chocolate or ebony brown.

  • Dark skin tone

There are many different tones of dark skin, so the most important thing to remember here is to create that contrast between skin and hair. If your skin tone has blue-based complexions, you could go with the very deep dark tones like ivory or inky black. But if your skin is warm, go for warm colours as well like maple or chocolate.

How to find the perfect hair colour for the colour of your eyes

While many agreed that your skin tone needs to match the hair colour you choose, little attention is paid to the colour of your eyes. But the colour of your eyes is actually an important factor in choosing which hair colour will look good on you.

  • Blue eyes

If your eyes are blue, the perfect colours for you would be the cool colours like platin, ash or ice blonde. In terms of brown colours, again go for the cool undertones like black with a sheer of dark blue.

  • Brown eyes

Do you have brown eyes, natural fall colours, such as red and cobber, will look stunning on you. If you’re aiming for a blonde look, you should choose golden or buttery tones. And if you want to become a brunette, go for the rich colours like chestnut brown.

  • Green eyes

If you have green eyes, you are so lucky to be able to carry almost any hair colour – both hot and cold. If you want to bring out the colour of your eyes, go for the cobber tones. In contrast, if you’re looking to make your skin appear warm, go for the deeper rusty colours.

Hopefully, this post will help you achieve your personal perfect hair colour and hair look. If you need guidance on which NATURIGIN hair colour to choose based on this guide, feel free to leave a comment or write an e-mail.

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