Because it’s December, we’ve decided to make a blog post about Christmas hairstyles. December is filled with parties and not least New Year’s Eve. Long or short, dark or blonde, we all have our hair to worry about in this stressful time where we constantly have to look our best. But do you know how to style your hair for all these special occasions? We have made a small gallery of five cool and simple Christmas hairstyles for you that are perfect for the seasonal parties. We hope you get inspired.

christmas hairstyles

Braided half up-do

This hairstyle is simple and fast to make, and you can easily do it on yourself with a little practice. You start by separating your hair where you want your parting. We made a middle parting. Choose which side you want the braids on and start with one small wisp of hair. Make a French or Dutch braid – depending on your preference – and tie it with hair pins on the back of your head. Take the rest of the hair on the same side of your parting and make another Dutch or French braid. Lead this braid above the first braid and tie it with hair pins on the back of your head. Try to hide the pins in the loose hair. Spray with hairspray to make the style last longer.

Christmas hairstyles

Double braid and bun

This hairstyle was made in shoulder long hair and is easy to do in ten minutes. Start by making a middle or side parting in the hair. Decide how close to your face you want the braid. We let a little of the front hair hang for a casual look. Take a small wisp of hair right by your parting and make a regular braid. Tie it with a small elastic band and let it hang on the other side of your head while you make the second braid. Take a new, bigger wisp of hair and make a regular braid. Loosen it to give more volume. Tie it with hair pins on the back of your head. Take the first braid and put it on top of the second braid and tie them together on the back of your head. Gather your hair in a messy or tight bun or ponytail. Spray with hairspray, and voilà!

Christmas hairstyles


We never get tired of curls. Soft waves, puddle curls, corkscrew curls – it all goes! And they’re perfect for almost all hair lengths and any occasion. We made big, soft curls with a straightening iron for a voluminous hairstyle. Use hairspray to give the curls texture and make the style last longer. If you want inspiration for other gorgeous curls, check out out post about styles to try.

Christmas hairstyles

Twisted up-do

Though we love braids, another way to add some detail to your hair is by twisting it. Twists almost resembles braids, but can be a bit simpler to make. Take a lock of your front hair on one side of your head and split into two. Start twisting and add a little more hair every time so you keep the twist tied to your head. Repeat all the way to your neck and tie with hair pins. Do the same in the other side. Gather your hair in a messy bun like in the picture or a ponytail or braid. Spray with hairspray and you’re done!

Christmas hairstyles

Braided crown

The braided crown is a beautiful hairstyle that gives you a romantic look. You start by splitting the hair into two, preferably with a middle parting. Gather the hair in two locks in the neck. Take one lock and make a braid. You can make it as tight or loose as you prefer and tie it with a see-through elastic band. Do the same with the other lock of hair. Take one braid and lead it around your head, tie it with hair pins. Take the other braid and lead in the opposite direction around the head so the two braids meet. Tie it with hair pins. Now you have a beautiful braided crown.

Before you get started with your Christmas hairstyles, we recommend you to apply a bit of dry shampoo. This will give your hair a bit of texture and make it easier to work with. We hope our little Christmas hair guide have inspired you, and we would love to see your Christmas hairstyles.

Are you considering making a big change for Christmas or New Year’s? For example a new hair colour? Read our post about how to find the perfect hair colour for you.