Winter is here and for some reason our hair turns into some sort of science experiment…. Static hair is probably one of the worst downsides of Winter – it can make everyday a bad hair day, argh! But lets not get all freaked out! There are solutions! In this blog post I have gathered 5 tricks that will help you fight static electricity in your hair and make your hair look flawless all the way through Winter.

5 Tricks to Fight Static Hair

1. Use a dryer sheet on your hair
Yup, you heard right! Just as dryer sheets can reduce static electricity in clothing, drying sheets can also be run over hair to reduce fly-aways caused by static electricity. You can even press down the dryer sheet onto your hair brush by pushing the bristles through it and comb your hair like you normally do. The dryer sheets are cheap and the tricks is super effective.

2. Use a brush with wooden bristles 
Static electricity tends to worsen when you use a brush made of plastic or other synthetic materials. Brushing with a plastic brush causes friction between the bristles and your hair, which generates static electricity. Look for a brush with wooden or boar bristles and a wooden handle. These natural materials are much gentler on your hair, and won’t generate static electricity.

3. Let hairspray become you best friend
Lightly spray some hairspray onto your brush and run it over your hair from root to tip. This trick will set your style in place and lay down the unwanted flyaways. Bring the hairspray with you and use it through out the day for touch-ups. NATURIGIN offers a vegan all day hairspray made on certified organic argan oil and Vitamin E, which is perfect to combat static electricity and tame flyaways.

4. Moisturizing is the key!
Dry hair equals static hair! Make sure that your shampoo and conditioner are filled with moisturizing ingredients, that will keep you hair hydrated through Winter. Also argan oil will help lubricating your hair and prevent static electricity. Put a few drops on your hands and run it through damped hair.

5. Dry your hair with a T-shirt
Swap out your towel and use a plain cotton T-shirt on your hair after showering. The regular hair towel absorbs the moisture from your hair and scalp, when what you want to do is absorb the excess water without taking away the moisture that helps your hair from becoming static. The material of a T-shirt is smooth and lightweight enough to soak up some of the moisture, but without absorbing all the natural oils that your scalp and hair have produced.

Pernille // NATURIGIN