We continue our colour trend theme from last week where we introduced you to some of the hottest hair colours for the summer 2016. Even though there are countless of options for experimenting and mixing colours this year, one of the prominent and persistent trends is the red hair colour. In our 50 Shades of Red blog post, we have gathered an overview of the coolest and most beautiful shades of red this year.

Shades of red hair colour

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Rose Gold

One of the big trends taking over right now is the beautiful, radiant rose gold hair. The colour is an ethereal shade of a pink-red tinted blonde and can light up your entire look in a warm and natural way.

Strawberry Blonde

This colour has really gained its way this spring, and it is still in! If you are a blonde or have a lighter skin tone, this soft colour is worth considering as it will really breathe life into your light skin.


This exotic word is new for ‘cobber’ and represents the hottest kind of red this year. This colour is a reflective, shimmery, intense shade of red and is predicted to be the next big thing! So think glossy and embrace red!

Autumn Red

If you like it a bit darker and more natural, the autumn red and coppery tones are predicted to be very hot in 2016 as well.


This amazing shimmering colour is a combination of bronze and copper and is the perfect solution if you are seeking to freshen up your look.

Pink-Copper Ecaille

The style of ecaille is one of the newer colouring techniques that has become really popular the last year. Now, this year, mixing this trend with the everlasting hot pink hair, the pink-copper ecaille colour is here! Pink hair has been around for years, and this year is no exclusion. This trend is the perfect way to refresh your hair adding colour and life, however in the most natural unnatural way. Using ecaille or balayage techniques will give the hair a golden glow and allows for different shades of the colour to stand out.

Pastels and Peaches

Pastels return in our wardrobe every spring and now they have gained their way and have become a big trend within hair colouring as well. Pink pastels are beautiful if you like a cool look for your hair. However, stylists predict a shift from the cool and silvery colours to warmer colours such as gold and peach, shades that can really turn up the shimmer and shine in your hair.


This deep reddish purple is a mix of natural and unnatural shades of red and is one of the new big trends in 2016. If you are not afraid to go all the way with your hair colour the burgundy and purple shades are perfect for you this year.

Streaks of Red

If you are not up for a complete change, only colouring selected pieces of your hair is a great alternative. Adding streaks of neon red, warm red or dark pink is a great way to add some detail that will still stand out. Another technique is the dip-dye which is still hot this year. Use this technique to colour only the ends of the hair while keeping your own or another colour by the roots and in the mid-length.


If you are planning on colouring your hair in one of these fantastic shades of red (or any other colour) for the summer, here are a few tips on how to make your colour last in the sun. The summer sun bleaches your hair so first of all, it is a good idea to use a UV protectant spray on your hair and scalp. Wearing a hat on the middle of the day when the sun is strongest is a good way to protect your hair, scalp and face in a very fashionable way. Another important tip is to use hair care products suited for coloured hair which will make the colour last longer – this tip applies all year.