We know you love your hair, and that you want it to be as healthy as possible. But you will probably recognize this issue a little bit too well… On stressful mornings, you spend minutes removing long hair strands from your clothes before leaving, and you keep clogging your drain in the shower – Urgh! It is not possible to prevent hair loss completely, but there are several ways to minimize the problem.

In this blog post I have gathered 8 surprising reasons to hair loss, caused by things we do every day. I hope this list will prevent you from letting go of more precious hair than you need to.


  • Birth control

Yup! Hormonal contraceptives can contribute to hair loss. Luckily the hair loss is mostly temporary and depends a lot on what type of contraceptive you are on and your unique response to it.

  • Being on juice cleanses

One of the most popular diets – the juice detox – can actually contribute to hair loss. The hair loss does not take place during the diet but will be noticeable in the weeks after the diet is over. What happens is, that a juice diet causes a caloric restriction which narrows the variety of nutrients. The body’s response is to lessen the energy supply to the hair, and the hair will eventually start to fall off.

  • Not washing your hair enough

Most people think that washing your hair too often can promote hair loss, but actually being lazy about hair washes is very bad for your hair and scalp. Under-cleaning the scalp can cause inflammation and make the scalp seem itchy and flaky. It is very different from person to person, and it is all depending on the texture and type of hair you have.

Tip! If you exercise and sweat it is very important to wash your hair and clean your scalp right after.  

  • Tight hairstyles

It is often seen on ballet dancers and others who wear their hair up tight on a daily basis. Wearing your hair in tight ponytails, buns or even braids will over time weaken your strands and cause them to break or fall off.

Tip! Protective hairstyling will help you getting healthier and stronger hair.

The Hair Log - Hair Loss
  • Stress

By stress I am not talking about a busy day at work. I am talking about an event that has caused long-term stress, such as a breakup, bereavement, pregnancy, or career movement. When enduring stress over an extended period of time the body starts to produce the hormone cortisol which causes thinning hair and hair loss.

  • Too much vitamin A

If you experience frequent hair loss, you might consider winding down on vitamin A. Dermatologists have found that overdoing vitamin A-containing supplements and medications can trigger hair loss. But don’t forget! Vitamin A is also very good for your hair. It’s about finding a solid balance.

Tip! Vitamin A is found in carrots and green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.

  • Dramatic weight loss

The more weight you lose the more likely you are to experience temporary hair loss. Too few calories, or a very restrictive diet is often to blame when it comes to hair loss, even if the weight loss is ultimately good for you. Weight loss can be extremely stressful for your body, and sometimes changing your diet completely can result in vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

  • Using heating tools

It is no surprise that using curling irons, blow-dryers, or straightener on a daily basis is not good for your hair. Not only is all the wear and tear and constant tugging your hair the problem, but the heat is also a big issue. If the tool burns the bag of your hand, it is also burning your hair! Hair will take some extent of heat but it will eventually set its tracks and cause the hair to break and fall off.

Tip! Turn down the heat of your heating tool and use heat protective products.

Pernille, The Hair Log