A new season has arrived which means new trend updates on The Natural Beauty blog. To many of us, autumn means a change in our wardrobe: out with the colourful summer dresses and in with the subtler autumn coloured knitwear. But what about the hair? In this post, we take a look at which hair trends you should try in the autumn 2016.

Autumn 2016 is all about curls, cool cuts and pretty hair accessories. 2016 as a whole is all about embracing your own beauty and finding out what works for you. Be it naturally curled hair, big or small, soft or frizzy, or a shaggy 70s style texture, individualism is a key word in the 2016 style and hair trends.

Autumn 2016 hair trends  Autumn 2016 hair trends  Autumn 2016 hair trends

What we see this season is the celebration of natural beauty and individual traits. So make your hair stand out in your own way, there are no right or wrong answers. Natural bouncy curls, light, broken or cut into fringes, slick hair – it all works.

One of the recurring and consistent hair trends this year is braids. We can’t get enough; braids are so cool! The amazing thing about braids is that there are no limits. You can do them simple, complicated, cool, classy or romantic. It all works and only your imagination sets the limits.

Also trending is stunning hair jewellery – or accessories to us ‘normal’ people. From large pieces to delicate clips or simply colourful hairpins, this autumn is all about prettifying your already beautiful hair.

Autumn 2016 hair trends  Autumn 2016 hair trends  Autumn 2016 hair trends

If you’re thinking about colouring your hair this autumn, go for colours with nature in their names. Like ash blonde (picture 1 below), smokey lilac, warm peach, watermelon hair, snowlights or rose gold. There are endless opportunities when it comes to hair colouring this season. If you like it natural, but still with some detail, go for an ombre or balayage hairstyle in any colour (picture 2 below). Especially the grey tones are winning in, giving you an outstanding yet still quite natural look (picture 2 below). If you’re up for trying something more ‘out there’, go for denim blue, purple, neon or red (picture 3 below).

You can view all our natural hair colours and choose the best one for you! If you have never coloured your own hair before, you can also see the guide on to How to get the Best Result with Home Hair Colours.

Autumn 2016 hair trends  Autumn 2016 hair trends  Autumn 2016 hair trends

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