Do you know that feeling when you look in the mirror and just want to put on a hat, because your hair either looks greasy or you find yourself wearing the same hairstyle every day? In this blog post we have gathered a small collection of cool and simple braids that are great for upgrading any look and for covering up greasy hair. Braids are beautiful for any occasion, so if you’re lacking inspiration, we provide you with five how-to guides for some cool, yet simple looks.

The Dutch braid

Beautiful Dutch braid

The Dutch and French braids can be worn in many variants. Here, we suggest a braid that is perfect for a feminine look that you can wear for work, training or for a more formal occasion, and which gives a very cool look if you have bangs.

How to do it:
Step 1: Take a wisp from the front hair and split into three.

Step 2: Start braiding adding a small piece of the lose hair every time. The Dutch braid is, contrary to the French, a braid that is ‘outside’ the hair, and you make it by leading the wisps of hair under each other instead of above.

Step 3: Continue the braid around the back of the head, and when you reach the ‘bottom’, continue a regular braid to leave hanging down the neck.

Tip: It is quite popular to loosen the braid a little for a thicker and messier look.

Upward braided bun

How to guide for braid

This is a hairdo that we really love! If you love the classic bun, this technique allows you to wear the bun but in an updated and very cool way.

How to do it:
Step 1:Take a wisp from the back of the head (it is easiest if you have your head facing down to keep the back free) and split it to three.

Step 2: The procedure is like a French braid: you take in a little of the lose hair every time you braid.

Step 3: Continue the French braid as far as desired and stop where you wish the bun to be (continue a little bit longer to make sure it is tight).

Step 4: Gather all the rest of the hair into a bun. Make it neat or messy depending on what you look you are going for.

The ‘fish bone’ braid

How to guide for braid

This braid has become very popular as it is simple to make yourself, but gives your hairstyle some more detail than the traditional three-string braid. This braid also takes many variants and can actually be combined with some of the other braids we propose here. The ‘fish bone’ braid is suitable for everyday wear and training, but can also be styled for special occasions.

How to do it:

Step 1: Take a wisp of the top hair and split into two.

Step 2: Take a small wisp farthest to the one side from one of the two parts and add it to the other. Do the same at the other side.

Step 3: After you have done this once, you repeat the same procedure, but now you bring in a small wisp from the loose hair every time.

Step 4: Continue the braid to the desired length and tie it with a hair band. If you want more volume, carefully loosen the braid for a thicker look.

Tip: You can leave the braid hanging or you can bend it and tie it like a bun.

The braided crown

How to guide for braid

This hairdo is perfect for the spring time and all the summer parties coming up. With its retro style, it gives you a feminine and romantic look while keep it fashionable at the same time.

How to do it:

Step 1: Take a wisp of the front hair and split it to three.

Step 2: Make a Dutch braid (like described above).

Step 3: Continue this braid all around the head adding a small piece of hair every time, and let it follow the hairline all the way around.

Step 4: Once you reach the start of your braid, pull the end under and tighten it with hairpins. It is a good idea to use hairpins all the way to make sure the hair stays where you want it.

The pseudo braid

How to guide for braid

Using this technique, it kind of looks like a braid, but it is really just a ‘twist’ simply made of two strings of hair. Use this for a cool and classy look.

How to do it:

Step 1: Take a wisp of the front hair in that side where you wish the twist to be.

Step 2: Split the wisp of hair into two and lead the one part over the other. Continue this technique downwards and keep the hair tight while twisting.

Step 3: Stop the twist where you wish and gather the hair in a bun or ponytail (or any way you like).

Tip: You can choose to twist the strings in different directions to vary the look.