For the past three months, we have been planning an amazing photo shoot here at NATURIGIN. And  you can imagine that we’ve been quite nervous and extremely excited – almost too excited – about this!

With preparations of every little detail going on for months, last Tuesday we finally reached the day of the shoot! We had hired three beautiful models Maria, Katrine and Amanda, who had all tried our hair colours for the first time just before the shooting. The three models were beautified by two great stylists, Maria Wahlin, who is one of the best stylists in Denmark, and Lea Aagard Laursen, who is new in business.

Hair models behind the scenes

Behind the scenes with beautiful models Maria (left), Katrine (middle) and Amanda (right)

When the models were ready – and we had been patiently (more or less) waiting for a couple of hours – we all went to Botanical Garden in NATURIGIN’s home city, Aarhus. Botanical Garden is such a beautiful place and just right for the NATURIGIN spirit. Here we met with our very skilful photographer, Max Rosborg, who did a great job in inspiring and instructing Maria, Katrine and Amanda. With the perfect natural styling and great spirit, the models did an incredible job for us! And we are so jealous of their stunning hair and look!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at locations in Aarhus

With a team of five overly eager and dedicated NATURIGIN people, and two stylists always on the spot to correct the models’ gorgeous hair, Max and the models created so many amazing pictures in four hours. And we can’t wait to show you some of the results very soon! We had the best day full of fun and creativity, and we left the spot feeling even more excited about the photos – and just a little bit proud of ourselves.

If you want to see more ‘behind the scenes’ pictures from the photoshoot, visit us on Pinterest here.