best at home hair colour

When you colour you own hair at home, there are some things you need to be aware of! This news post will guide you through what to look for and why, in order for you to archieve the best at home hair colour!

Identify your own natural hair colour

When colouring your hair at home, you need to be aware of your own natural hair tone in order to get the best at home hair colour. Maybe you have coloured your hair before? You natural hair colour tone determines where to start when you’re choosing your desired shade. If your natural hair tone is warm it can be difficult to colour it in a cooler hue tone than people who naturally has a cool tone. So what you need to be aware of, is your own hair colour and take that into consideration, when buying hair colour!

If it is your first itme colouring your hair on your own – or you need help to pick a colour – NATURIGIN have a great guide for Choosing Your Hair Colour for the Summer 2016

Buy more than you think you need!

Depending on the lenght and thickness of your hair, you should always buy an extra box of hair colour, in order to get the best at home hair colour! It is always better to have to much hair dye than realising half way through colouring your hair, that you are going to run out of colour. Do it at home hair colour is a lot cheaper than colouring at a salon, so buy extra hair colour – it’s cheaper anyway and that way you are sure to have enought. This way you will get the best at home hair colour!

Aviod going in the pool, peeps!

Chlorine strips away the hair cuticle, allowing minerals in the water to get into the hair shaft and alter your color. So we at NATURIGIN recommend everyone who colours their hair at home to avoid going in the pool for at least two weeks after colouring your hair!

Skip the shower for the best at home hair colour

We are not saying, that you should’nt shower at all… But to get the best at home hair colour, second day hair is better than newly washed hair. When you colour your hair at home, you have to divide and section your hair, so you make sure, that no matter how the wind blows or how your hair style is, all of your hair is coloured equally! Sectioning your hair also makes it alot easier to evenly distribute the colour.

best at home hair colour

Right choice of shampoo

In order to get the best at home hair colour you should be very aware of your shampoo and conditioner. Shampoos and conditioner containing SLS or other harsh chemicals can strip away hair colour. Therefore we recommend hair care that helps preserve colour and is more gentle to the scalp and hair.

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Prepare for some damage

No matter how great, gentle, natural and organic your hair colour is, you will always damage your hair a little bit. Knowing this, you now have s choice! You might as well pick the best at home hair colour whilst you are at it. Do it yourself hair colours often contain harsh chemicals, sulfates and other damaging stuff that is not good for you. Make sure you look at the lable before you buy it. At NATURIGIN we recommend to look for products that are natural, organic, cruelty-free, free of sulfates like SLS, that are PTD free and Ammonia free!

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