Earlier this summer we asked you for your best festival hair tips and since we received so many great comments, we decided to gather these into a blog post. We LOVE it when you share your thoughts and experiences with us so this is the perfect opportunity to show our gratitude.

Next week we are going to yet another festival here in Denmark – to work, that is. And for this occasion we have made a collection of your best festival hair tips. We were inspired by our followers and these tips will definitely help us next week – hopefully you’ll get inspired too.

Festival hair tip #1: Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo hair tip

If there was one tip that really stood out as THE festival hair tip it was this: use dry shampoo. And we can’t say that we were surprised. Dry shampoo is no less than a brilliant invention for us girls! You probably know the feeling of waking up with hair looking like it was just styled to be in Grease – great right? Or maybe not so much. One of the current trends and recommendations is to wash your hair as rare as possible as this is actually better for the hair – in the long term. However, it can also result in some quite greasy looking hair. So imagine when you’re off on a festival or camping holiday where the sun is burning and your hair might be victim to a flying beer or (referring to festivals, not camping, lol). And you might not have access to a proper shower for several days. You can picture what your hair might look like after a couple of days, right? Well, this is where our little saviour enters! Use dry shampoo to control the greasy hair when you can’t wash your hair for days. If you find a good dry shampoo that is suitable for your hair, it really is easy to apply. And an extra plus is that it adds great structure to your hair if you want to use it as a styling product as well. So this is a win win!

Festival hair tip #2: Style with braids and buns

Braids and buns

What many of you also agreed on is that festivals are the perfect opportunity to go a little nut with styling your hair. Everything goes on a festival (well almost everything)! So the second festival hair tip is to style your hair with beautiful, cool and playful buns and braids. Not only do these styles offer endless possibilities to make your festival and summer look stand out, but they are also great for covering up greasy hair. So once you’ve added the dry shampoo to your hair, style it up with a cool bun or braid. And this can last all day – or even all week – so you don’t have to worry how your hair looks.

If you want inspiration for hair styling, check out our festival how-to-guide here.

Festival hair tip #3: Use the right styling products

Hair styling tips

Besides dry shampoo, many of you mentioned certain products that are hot or not during the festival. One great example is to give your hair a nice coconut oil treatment before going on a week full of sweat, dust, urine smell and beer. This will make the hair more resistant to the dirt. As for styling, you could use salt water hair spray and dry shampoo to give the hair texture. But don’t use hair spray! This will only make your hair stiffer and greasier – which is really what we are trying to avoid here.

Festival hair tip #4: Wear hats and caps

Hair tips

Now, another great tip – which we love – is to wear hats and caps. Besides the fact that hats and caps can be so cool and fashionable, what’s really great about this tip is that you can be a bit lazier with styling your hair. If you don’t feel like doing anything special with your hair, just cover it up. Wearing a hat, a cap or a head band or scarf is a great way to style up your festival and summer look. Find the accessory that fits your head and style the best and you’re good to go!

Festival hair tip #5: Cut it short


This last tip to cut your hair short might seem a bit drastic to simply go on a festival. But we actually kind of really love the idea! Short hair has been one of the biggest trends this spring and summer, so if you’re thinking about cutting it anyways, here’s your excuse. Now, it is not to say that you should go bald just to get out of the time consuming hair routines (unless you’re really tired of your hair). But short hair can be quite liberating doing the warm summer months.

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