I have coloured my hair for three years now, and I’ve always used home hair dye. To be honest, despite the increased focus on organic and natural care and beauty products these days, I never did pay much attention to the risks of colouring my hair (not proud to admit this). Before I started working at NATURIGIN, I used colours from the big brands which were cheap and easy to find in the local cosmetics store. At that time, I thought these was the best natural hair dye. Some of them even claim to be more and more natural. But then I learned about truly organic hair colours. And I feel like sharing my experience with you and what I think is the best natural hair dye. Therefore, this week’s blog post will give you my opinion why NATURIGIN is the best natural hair dye that will still give you a 100% satisfactory result.

Why Use Natural Hair Dye?

It is probably no news to you that being exposed to chemicals can be harmful for your health. And it wasn’t to me either. I just didn’t bother to do the effort to learn more about the risks and how to avoid them. Standardized non-organic hair colours are loaded with various potentially unsafe chemicals such as ammonia, parabens and sodium laurel sulfates to name some. If you want more knowledge about this, read this blog post about Five Chemicals You Should Avoid when Colouring Your Hair.

If you’ve ever coloured your hair, you are probably familiar with the itchy scalp and stinging eyes caused by the colour? And what about having dry and faded hair that is not fixed by a hair treatment or a trip to the hairdresser? Yea, that’s the chemicals! And these are just the ‘easy-to-spot’ short-term consequences. But it’s not hard to imagine how years of chemical use would affect my hair and scalp – and maybe even my health. And I intend to continue to colour my hair for a loooong time (yup, I’ve become addicted). These reasons and consequences are the main reason to why I went looking for the best natural hair dye that is healthy for my hair and scalp!

Best Natural Hair Dye: The Result

So when I learned about organic hair colours, I was curious to know how this would work. Having tried four different brands, all leaving me with semi-reasonable results, before I started at NATURIGIN, I did not hesitate to try out this organic colour. Most are quite skeptical thinking that natural and organic means less effective. However, having applied organic hair colour for eight months now, I can only say that the results are many percentages better than previously. One thing is that the colour smells so much better, but the noticeable thing is that my hair looks and feels better than ever before. Even before I started colouring it. The good thing about ‘natural’ colours is that they are in fact natural! They are filled with natural oils from fruits, flowers and plants – does it get closer to nature than that? AND the colour looks extremely natural and my hair feels naturally healthy.

It IS the best natural hair dye!

So yes, I’ve fallen for natural home hair dye. If you, like me, intend to keep colouring your hair, I strongly recommend switching to a natural hair colour to avoid adding all the toxins and chemicals to your hair and skin. And if you want to be extra careful, simply colour your roots as these are the ones loosing colour. With permanent colours, you don’t have to colour the lengths every time. By colouring only the roots, you can use less colour and this is better for the hair.

Have you never coloured your own hair before?

Are you the kind of girl who has always gone to the hair salon to get you hair coloured, but now you want a cheaper and healthier way of colouring your hair? NATURIGIN might be the best natural hair dye solution for you. You can read about Autumn 2016 Hair Trends and How to get the Best Result with Home Hair Colours and easily become an expert on colouring your own hair. It will be cheaper! It will be more natural and safer for you! It’s a win win situatuon!