We asked the beautiful blogger Gabriela from Green Beauty XO to share some of her thoughts on organic products and her favourite go-to hair tips. Here is the result!

Why I Choose to use Green and Organic Beauty Products

It’s so important for me to use green, organic and natural products because our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs what you put on it!! If you eat organic because you don’t want to ingest all those pesticides and unnecessary ingredients why would it be OK to put toxic junk on your skin? The less junk on it the better! It is estimated that our skin is able to absorb around 60% of what you put on it!! Think about that!! Also when you choose to buy organic and natural products the companies are using less harmful ingredients for you and for our environment. That means that there will be less toxic ingredients in the runoff that goes into our water supply and environment therefore reducing our chemical exposure!!

My Healthy Hair

I don’t think my hair is perfect but I try my best to keep it as healthy as I can. My first tip is to not wash your hair everyday!! This will give your scalp a break and will balance out the natural oils in your scalp! My second tip is to use natural and organic hair products! Also, skip the blow drier and air dry your hair. My last tip is to not use heating tools like curling irons everyday!! Put your hair up in a bun or ponytail or just wear it au natural!!

Green Hair Tips

Well if I still have some leftover product in my hair or it’s still slightly curled from the previous day I like to put a clip and wear it half up with a side of bang!! If it’s totally out of control I put it up in a ponytail for an effortless messy ponytail look! A bun is a must if I’m just home relaxing and of course the hat trick never fails for going out!! 🙂

Gabriela, Green Beauty XO

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