Brushing your hair with a really good brush can make a big difference for your hair. When you brush your hair all the way down to the scalp, the scalp gets more blood supply – which means more nutrition for the hair roots and you will with time get thicker hair.

Why bristle hair?

The bristle hair is full of natural oils, which is applied to the hair every time you brush your hair and is like a conditioning treatment for the hair.
For many years bristle brushes have been used to create shiny and healthy hair without using any kind of products. Back in the days where products like conditioners and hair serums did not exist the bristle brush was originally designed to improve shine and hair texture.

The structure of the bristle brush carries sebum, which is the oil produced by the scalp, from the scalp and all the way to the end of the hair shaft. By coating each hair strand with a very small amount of sebum, a bristle brush repairs dry hair and adds lustrous shine.

Better than shampoo

Besides all these benefits of using the bristle brush it also cleanses your hair better than using any artificial shampoo. IWe recommend brushing your hair when it is dry, otherwise it can cause breakage and it doesn’t distribute the sebum well in wet hair. We do not recommend using heavy styling products with a bristle brush. As your hair becomes healthier, softer, and conditioned with regular brushing, you will no longer need to use leave-in masks or hair serums. For quicker results you can try out a natural conditioner.

Hair brush types

Here are some of the most common hair brushes. What you should look for is the natural bristles as brush no. 4 has. The other types are more focused on scalp massage (no. 3) and detangling (no. 2 & 1) and do not carry the same benefits as the natural bristles does.

Now go brush your hair beautiful!