Cara is one of the most popular models in the fashion industry right now.
She is known for her fantastic eyebrows and cool style.
This is one of Cara Delevingne’s glamorous looks.


  • Part your hair on the side of the head, and put all your hair to the opposite side of the parting.
  • Part your hair i two sections horizontally.
  • Curl the whole hair the same way with a big curling iron. Start from the lowest section.
  • When all the curls are cold, brush your hair through many times, until you get this soft wavy look.
  • You can apply some hairspray to keep the hair in place.


  • Apply your favourite foundation to smooth out the skin.
  • Make a smokey-eyes look with a brown matte eyeshadow and use the same colour under your eyes to frame your eyes.
  • Apply a small amount of highlighter (fx a shiny eyeshadow) to the inner corner of your eye.
  • Use a white eyeliner on the waterline, and a black eyeliner on the top lid so make the lashes look thicker.
  • Use a lot of mascara on the upper og lower lashes.
  • If you’re not born with these fantastic Cara-eyebrows, then fake them with a eyebrow pencil and brow gel to make the hairs stay in place.