Summer is near, and if you are one of many looking to update your summer look, this post is the perfect place to seek inspiration. We have gathered some of the hottest hair colour trends this summer to guide you if you are aiming for a change – big or small. In 2016 the word ‘natural’ is taken to a new level where is doesn’t necessarily mean simple, neutral or colourless. Read along for a guide on this year’s hottest colours.

Nude Hair

Choosing your hair colour summer 2016

For the last months we have seen many girls embracing the very cool tones, but now there is a new trend gaining prominence, namely nude hair. This style seeks to balance the very cool and the warm colours thus giving a more neutral tone. The very cool thing about this trend is that the neutral colour basically suits everybody, no matter skin tone, you can wear this look.

Blonde Hair

Choosing your hair colour summer 2016

  • Buttery blonde. Warm, beige and sandy blondes are making their comeback. So think more buttery warm and less ice cold this summer.
  • Platinum blonde has become more and more popular the past year, and now, celebrities have begun to take this trend to the next level by wearing a multifaceted blonde. This look makes your hair stand out in different shades depending on the light you are in.
  • Pastel blonde. These are soft almost see-through shades, perfect for a gorgeous summer look. Note that this colour really requires good hair care to avoid dry and damaged hair. Looking for an even more daring look? Chose another shade of pastel, like pink.

Brown Hair

Choosing your hair colour summer 2016

If you are aiming for a darker colour, woodsy brown light chocolate and coffee shades are the way to go this summer. The dark hair is still hot and will look gorgeous with sun-kissed skin.

Flattering Natural Hair

Choosing your hair colour summer 2016

One thing that has not yet gone out of style is the natural colours. Nobody says you need to take on these above mentioned styles if you are most comfortable just being your own gorgeous and natural you. Naturals are hot – whether it is your own or another natural colour. However, you should look for the colour best suited for your skin tone and keep your hair healthy looking at all times.


Choosing your hair colour summer 2016

Highlights is one of the trends that never really goes out of style. Summer means more light, so why not bring more light to your hair as well? Highlights is a style that brings with it many opportunities, but we have listed some of the hottest highlights trends right now:

  • Ombre. This style means going darker by the hair roots and lighter at the hair ends. Ombre is great if you want contrast in your hair, and this style goes no matter what your current hair colour is. To note about the ombre style is that the bleaching can be damaging for the hair if it is done over a longer period.
  • Sombre is the subtler and thus less damaging version of ombre. With this style, the contrast is more faded and the colour transition is more gradual. This means that it requires less maintenance.
  • Balayage is the perfect solution for those looking for a more natural contrast. With this technique, you area-paint highlights on the hair as the word ‘balayage’, which is French for ‘sweep’ indicates. The advantage of this style is that the regrowth lines are less visible and it takes less time to get done.
  • Flamboyage: This style is a combination of the two aforementioned ombre and balayage and is suitable for those looking for very subtle highlights. This is a newer alternative to highlighting, and it gives your hair a deep and natural, while at the same time polished look.
  • Hair strobing. Strobing is a makeup technique that is now embraced in the hair styling industry as well. This is an individualised highlighting technique specified for your hair colour, skin tone and face shape, which is perfect if you want a colour that really makes you glow.

If you want to try out one of these techniques for the first time, ask your stylist for help.

Multidimensional Effects

Choosing your hair colour summer 2016

  • This is a hot new technique here seen on Natalie Borges. Brighter pieces are hand-painted on the hair combining warm honey and sugary brown shades for a dynamic and multidimensional look.
  • Colour melting. Colour melting is a new technique that is great for you who wish for a subtle, yet outstanding look. With this trend you get a multidimensional look that’s still natural as multiple colours are simply ‘melted together’ reflecting different tones simultaneously.

Shades of Red

The red hair is very in right now and comes in almost every shade you can imagine, so don’t be afraid to experiment with shiny and radiant colours.

Choosing your hair colour summer 2016

  • Rose gold hair. One of the big trends taking over right now is this beautiful, radiant rose gold hair. The colour is an ethereal shade of a pink-red tinted blonde and can light up your entire look in a warm and natural way.
  • ‘Cuivre’. This exotic word is new for ‘cobber’ and represents the hottest kind of red this year. This colour is a reflective, shimmery, intense shade of red and is predicted to be the next big thing! So think glossy and embrace red!
  • Autumn red. If you like it a bit darker, the autumn red is also very hot in 2016.
  • Strawberry blonde. This colour has really gained its way this spring, and it is still in! If you are a blonde or have a lighter skin tone, this soft colour is worth considering as it will really breathe life into your light skin.

Playful Hair

Choosing your hair colour summer 2016

  • Denim blue.
  • Streaks of neon.
  • Bold burgundy.
  • Pastels.
  • Dip-dyed.

Basically, there are no prescriptions for THE it hair this summer: Go for a simple and natural look, a playful look, or something in between. You can wear anything, as long as you wear it well.