Choosing your hair colour shade can be difficult, we know. And with 19 different shades it can be confusing to know which shade you can go for. NATURIGIN has therefore created a smaller video for you to help you choosing your hair colours: the colour possible for you current hair colour and how to go from black to blonde.

Colouring with NATURIGIN hair colours ensures a healthy, shine and natural look. Some of our colours contains more than one colours pigment. By combining two or even three colour pigments, it is possible to create a more vibrant, vivid and natural hair colour.

The Hair Colour Pigments

Picking a colours starts by studying your face without make-up under natural lighting condition. Your eyebrows often shows your natural colour, and the lighter det skin tone the lighter you can go with your hair.

Choosing your hair colour

Choosing your hair colour: Having trouble deicing?

If you a having trouble choosing between two different shade tones, we always recommend you choose the lighter one, as it is much easier to go darker afterwards than to go lighter. You can also combine two colour shades such as The Organic Bunny did with a great result.

Bigger hair colour change

If you want to change you hair colour completely (e.g. from blonde to brunette), we recommend doing so gradually over the course of a few months. Doing this all at once can damage the hair.

Choosing your hair colour

Be aware that the state of your hair can also affect the outcome of your colour.

Killing yellowish tones

Choose a ashy tone (.2) such as 10.2 or 11.2 which will create a beautiful ash look. Ashy tones can neutralise yellowish / brassy tones in the hair.

Choosing your hair colour

We hope this helped you in choosing your hair colour shade.

Our greatest ambition is keeping your hair healthy