We spend a lot of time trying to find the best ways to take good care of our hair by using the right shampoos and styling products, applying treatments that are supposed to work wonders, and follow the countless different advice on what is hot and what is not. But what most of us probably don’t consider in our attempt to take best possible care of our hair, is how our hair tools affect the health of our hair. This is a short guide of some easy ways to get clean hair tools making them healthier to use in your hair.

How to Clean Hairbrushes and Combs

You probably don’t really think about how many germs and filth get stuck in your hairbrush, but it is the perfect place for dust to pile up along with hairs and all the products, like oil and hairspray, you have in your hair. Most of us remove most of the long hair just sitting on the brush by hand, but to really avoid getting the germs in your hair when using these tools, you should do a proper cleaning once a month.

The first thing you should do is to remove all hair from the brush or comb. If there is a lot, you can do it with your hand. Otherwise, take a long, thin device, like a pair of scissors or the handle of a rat tail comb, and slide it under the stuck hair and tug it upwards to loosen it.

Now it’s time to wash your tool! Fill up your sink with hot water and add a little shampoo. Put your brush and comb into the water and let it soak for a little while. For the best result, use a toothbrush to clean out the dirt at the base of your brush and comb.

To dry your newly washed tools, either let them air dry or use a blow dryer for a faster result.

How to Clean Hair Accessories

Even though they are small, your hair bands, hair ties and hair pins are likely to be filled with germs from hair products and sweat. To clean them, fill your sink with hot water and add a little shampoo, put all of your accessories in the water and gently rub each one of them to remove germs. Afterwards, place them on a clean towel and let them dry.

How to Clean Hairdryers

If you take a look at the vent on the back of your hairdryer, you are most likely to see dust and dirt covering up the filter. Preventing this from happening is almost impossible, why it is a good idea to remember to clean your hairdryer once a month as well. The dust and dirt can cause the ventilation to block which means that the tool might not work properly or in a safe manner.

The first thing you do, is to remove the back cover from the hairdryer. Pull out the filter and use a small device like a toothbrush to remove the filth. Following this, you should rinse the filter with warm water and let it air dry completely before putting it back.

A good idea is also to wash the hairdryer with a moist cloth to remove dust and germs from other hair products.

How to Clean Hair Curlers and Straighteners

Every time you use these tools, germs from the products in your hair get stuck to them and they risk getting a sticky surface that can burn your hair and cause split ends. To avoid this, it is really important to clean these tools at least once a month.

Be aware that the device cannot be plugged in when starting the cleaning, however, it is easier to remove the dirt if the device is warm. Take a cloth or a cotton ball and moisten it simply with water (if this doesn’t work, you can use rubbing alcohol for a greater effect). Rub the moist cloth over the device to remove any build-up, and let the tool dry before you use it again.

Hopefully, these tips have demonstrated how simple and easy – yet important – it actually is to get clean hair tools and in this way help yourself to healthier hair by removing any harmful build-up.