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Yes, there is no Henna in any NATURIGIN product. We believe in authentic beauty that works in harmony with all aspects of life and is beneficial not only to the individual, but also the environment.

“Resorcinol” and for example “2-Methylresorcinol” and NATURIGIN hair colours:
1) “Resorcinol” and for example “2-Methylresorcinol” is NOT the same ingredient or profile of ingredient (please see for example

2) When we at NATURIGIN refer to “Resorcinol”, this is what we refer to, and not ingredients such as for example “2-Methylresorcinol”

3) NONE of the NATURIGIN hair colours contain “Resorcinol”,  and that is what we state various places

4) NATURIGIN hair colours may contain for example “2-Methylresorcinol” and that is what we state various places

Why Resorcinol

Resorcinol is generally used to create green tones. The average used Resorcinol provides an inexpensive colour ingredients that oxidize with hydrogen peroxide to provide a permanent colour effect. The ingredients 2-Methylresorcinol can be used as a highly effective and very safe substitute for Resorcinol in hair colour, but are often not used because these non-toxic substitutes are generally much more expensive and difficult to procure and stabilize.

NATURIGIN does not contain the average used in hair colours Resorcinol because the ingredients have a skin deep (high) hazard rating. To compare the ingredients 2-Methylresorcinol is a Non-Toxic ingredients that contain the word Resorcinol but has a very low rate (2% or less).

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