It’s November. It’s cold. It’s dark. What’s really there to be excited about?

We know… (drum roll)

Your hair colour!

Women no longer colour their hair just to cover grays or to enhance their natural hair colour. Today, we colour our hair for fun. And therefore we see more and more different outstanding and fabulous hair colours. So why not make fall a bit more festive with a new beautiful and vibrant hair colour? So if you’re seeking a new look or some extra spark in your hair (or in your dark cold winter life), we have gathered five fabulous hair colour trends for your inspiration this fall.

hair colours
  • Root Hair Colouring

If you feel your hair looks a bit dull, but you’re not up for the big change, try colouring only your roots. By making your roots a bit darker while keeping your natural hair colour in the lengths, you can accomplish a bit more dramatic look. This style will frame your face beautifully and give your hair a little twist.