The Oscars 2017 is approaching, and what better occasion to experiment with beautiful hairstyles? Since we at NATURIGIN are so excited about Oscar hairstyles, I have made our bid of five Oscar hairstyles you can easily do yourself. The red carpet often portraits a mix of classic hairstyles and some of the current hairstyle trends. We hope to see some gorgeous and creative 2017 hairstyle trends. Here’s some Oscar hairstyles inspiration for you:

Oscar Hairstyles #1: Twisted Low Up-do

Twisted hair – braided hair’s beautiful twin – is an easy way to add some detail and shape to your hairstyle. Here, we have made a low twisted up-do for a classy and romantic look. The style is actually quite easy to make; check out the hairstyle tutorial at our Instagram.

Oscar hairstyles

Oscar Hairstyles #2: Braided Half Up-do

We love braids and we couldn’t not include some kind of a braid in this feature. Here, the front hair is split in two, braided and tied in the back in a beautiful overlapping style. Since braids and half-up hair-dos are very much trending, we decided to mix the two to make this beautiful and detailed Oscar hairstyle.

Oscar hairstyles

Oscar Hairstyles #3: Corkscrew Curls

Yes, we’ve seen this look before, but we just can’t stop loving it! The corkscrew curls scream red carpet and are perfect for this kind of special occasion. With the corkscrew curls, you can go all the way for a beautiful princess-like look. If you have balayage hair, like our model, this style can enhance the beautiful play of colours in your hair.

If you think the corkscrew curls are a bit too ‘fancy’ for you, brush through them for a softer and voluminous look.

Oscar hairstyles

Oscar Hairstyles #4: Clipped Loose Waves

Waves and curls are definitely here to stay! We keep saying this again and again, but we just love the textured hair. This style is simple, yet beautiful and perfect for the red carpet. To show the shape of the face, we have clipped the front hair in the back with hair pins. To dress it up, you can make a hair knot, a braid or use some sparkling accessories to gather the hair.

Oscar hairstyles

Oscar Hairstyles #5: High Messy Up-do

Now that we’ve been through the more classical hairstyles, we want to spice it up a little bit. Here, we have made a messy high up-do using all the hair, yet leaving some of it randomly hanging down in the back. This look is perfect if you like high voluminous hair and aim for an outstanding and perky look.

Oscar hairstyles

This was my bid of five Oscar hairstyles you can easily make yourself – for any special occasion. On Sunday the 26th we’ll see how the celebrities do their hair for the red carpet and we’ll have more ideas to steal.

For general inspiration, read my post about hair trends 2017. I hope you get inspired!


Michelle, The Hair Log