It is probably no mistake to assume that we all have a wish to have strong and healthy hair. We want to avoid split ends, dry and fainted hair with no shine and volume. But how can we do this without spending hours morning and night adding miracle products that don’t give us the result we wish for to our hair? To answer this question, we have gathered five simple tips for stronger hair for you. Read along to see how you can – through some simple routines – get healthier and stronger hair soon.

Tips When You Brush Your Hair:

Tips for stronger hair

You have probably experienced that your hair breaks when you brush and style it, and naturally, this is not good for your hair. But how do you avoid this breakage? Your hair is actually most fragile when it is wet, so one tip is that you wait till it is most dry before brushing or combing it. Additionally, you should use a brush with natural bristles. This is softer and more flexible and will thus cause less damage to your hair.

Tips When You Dry Your Hair:

Tips for stronger hair

First of all, there are a couple of things you can do in terms of drying your hair in the best way after you wash it. First, you can use conditioner – which you probably already do – after using shampoo. Conditioner repel water and in this way you can avoid your hair absorbing more water than necessary. Second, you can GENTY twist or swing your hair to get rid of some of the water before using a towel. Thirdly, once you get to the towel, it is a good idea to use micro fibre towels as these are softer and less damaging for your hair. If you have the time, you can also benefit from letting your hair air dry and avoid twisting your hair and shutting in all the moist.

However, often we don’t have the time or patience to wait for our hair to dry like this. And that is when many of us turn to a very popular device, the hairdryer. It is probably no news to you that the heat of the hairdryer can cause damage to your hair, but rather than asking you to stop using it, we provide here a few tips for how to use it in the least damaging way. In combination, the hairdryer is also a great tool for styling your hair, and these tips will help you here as well.

Tips When You Style Your Hair:

Tips for stronger hair

Initially, before drying your hair it is a good idea to use a heat protector or a primer in your hair protecting the hair from the hot air flow. Secondly, when you start drying, turn down the heat on your hairdryer – the hot air is more damaging than the warm or cool air. Hold the device six to eight inches away from your hair and point it downwards to avoid frizzy hair. Another tip is that you use a dryer with ion-technology, which encapsulates the moist in your strands and additionally make the hair soft and shiny as a side benefit.

Tips When You Wash Your Hair:

Tips for stronger hair

The following two tips concern what you can do when you wash your hair besides using certain products. When you wash your hair, spend a few minutes massaging your head by the hair roots. Massage starts the blood circulation which tightens those muscles that hold on to the hair. Furthermore, after washing your hair, before leaving the shower you should turn on the cold water and cool off your hair. This has much the same effect as the massage; both tips are good for the blood circulation and can also prevent hair loss.

Tips When You Care for Your Hair:

Tips for stronger hair

There are also more general things you can do in your everyday life and hair care routines to make your hair stronger and healthier. In terms of hair care, you should strive to use products with natural ingredients and oils. You can read more about examples of great natural products here.

Lastly, it should be emphasised that you can gain a lot from eating a healthy and balanced diet with the right vitamins and minerals. This will definitely contribute to a strong and healthy looking hair – and skin and nails. You can read more about what to eat to get this result here.

These were a few simple tips for stronger hair that you can easily implement in your everyday hair routines. We would love to hear how they work out for you and if you have any other simple hair tips you would like to share.