The Norwegian blogger Anne Marthe Widvey used “Lightest Ash Blonde 10.2” and here is what she wrote about NATURIGIN:

Hi Everyone!

I’m natural blonde as many of you probably know, I usually go to the hairdresser a couple of times during one year, to refresh my highlights. This time I took hair colouring into my own hands in collaboration with NATURIGIN. For the first time I have been satisfied with my hair colour, and the result I got after using only one hair colour box. I was honestly pretty sceptic in the beginning, as I’ve heard a lot of stories from friends and family, where hair colouring at home went wrong. BUT, I trusted NATURIGIN because they are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, and they know how much that means to me.

I am really impressed (and really satisfied) with the result. Alexander thought I had been at the hairdresser, and that is a big compliment. As you see on the pictures my hair turned out a couple of tones lighter and I got beautiful highlights in all of my hair. Perfect for summertime. What do you think about the result?