Living in Scandinavia, it is not hard to notice that spring has arrived. Once the first beams of sun shed their light after a long, cold, dark winter, people immediately run to the streets wearing their fashionable sunglasses and spring coats. Spring has been long expected, but in our excitement we tend to forget that the change of weather can have consequences for our skin and hair. That is why we have gathered a short list of simple, but important tips to prepare your hair for spring right here.

Hair care

How to take care of your hair before the new season

Take good care of your hair for spring

Hair and scissors

After a cold winter, your hair is likely to be split and dry in the strands, so a good idea is for you to get a trim. No matter if you are going for a radical change or simply a little ‘freshen-up’, you should get rid of the dead ends so your hair looks fresh and healthy.

Hair and showers

Lots of people use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner during the winter due to the dry weather. But the spring air is more humid and therefore it is a good idea to switch to care products with a formula for normal hair, because too much moisture is not ideal and will likely give you some very frizzy hair.

Hair and vinegar

Now while we are at the caring tips, a few times a year you should try and rinse your hair with vinegar. Mixing 1 part vinegar with 3 parts hot water as a treatment will make your hair look cleaner and shinier. After this cleansing you should wash your hair as normal and you are ready for spring.

Hair styling

Hair care and hair styling for spring

Inspiration for spring hair styling

Light it up

With spring the days are sunnier and lighter, and thus one of the big trends is to make your hair lighter as well. The technique of balayage is quite popular as it makes your hair lighter, like highlights, but more randomly painted on to the hair strands.


There are countless opportunities for styling and dressing up your hair, and spring is the perfect time to use simple, but feminine accessories such as flowers and colourful pins. Don’t be afraid to embellish your hair a little bit to make it stand out at the spring parties and holidays.

If you are not ready for spring yet, these are some of the simple things you can do right now to prepare your hair for warmer weather.