Being pregnant is one of the happiest and hardest times during a woman’s life, because you experience your body changing in ways you could not imagine. Taking health precautions when being pregnant is extremely important, but it is also important for the mother-to-be to feel feminine and good about herself. For women who are used to colouring their hair every few months, it can be difficult to forgo this throughout the entire pregnancy. So is it possible to colour your hair safely while being pregnant?

Studies have shown

Only limited studies have been conducted on the effects of hair dye when being pregnant, but these studies do not imply any significant changes in fetal development (read more here). However, it is still a good idea to take precautions when colouring your hair during pregnancy.

Choose the right hair dye

It is always sensible to use a healthier hair colouring option during your pregnancy rather than the standard toxic permanent hair colouring choices. NATURIGIN is a great alternative to standard hair colours, with the lowest PPD level in the market while simultaneously being 100% paraben, resorcinol and ammonia-free.  

Use hair dye safely

It can also be a good idea to dye your hair with more caution, when you are pregnant. You should wait until the second trimester, and also colour your hair less frequently than normal. Likewise, instead of using the hair colour all-over, consider a process like streaking, highlighting, painting or frosting since the chemicals then have little or no contact with your scalp. By taking these precautions we believe that hair dye and pregnancy can go hand in hand safely.