The month of January is upon us and so is the month of exercise, healthy lifestyle changes and new year’s resolutions. We all want to start fresh in the new year by being good to our bodies and health. But are we forgetting to take care of our hair in the process? Check out some of the most common hair mistakes you might be making when working out.

  1. Your ponytail is too tight. We all know the high ponytail is the classic workout hairstyle, but pulling it too tight will damage and break your hair strands. Instead we recommend that you opt for clips and snag free elastics, when keeping the hair out of your eyes.
  2. You are not sun-protecting your hair. Obviously this does not apply to indoors exercises or people like us, who are stationed in the dark and cold Northern countries (brrrr!). But you should still take note either for summer or if your winter is warmer than ours! Your scalp and hair is just as sensitive to the sun as the rest of your skin, make sure to protect it when you go running outdoors.
  3. You are not prepping your hair pre-workout. Yep, you heard us right, we actually want you to be beautifying yourself before entering the gym! The best way to do this is by using a dry shampoo on your roots before you workout. This will prevent excess moisture from saturating your whole head with sweat.
  4. You are not thinking beyond the pony. There are sooo many other hairstyles that are better for working out. What about a fishtail or french braid? If you have long hair you have a long list of opportunities!
  5. You are shampooing too much. Yes we know, It doesn’t sound nice, but you should actually hold back on the shampoo, also after working out. Too much shampooing will dry out your hair. Try and plan your showers with your workouts and see how far you can make it with a good dry shampoo in between.
  6. You are forgetting to moisturise. If you shower after you workout, don’t forget to moisturise! All the salt in your sweat will dry out your hair and it is important to add conditioner to your hair to keep it healthy.

Avoiding these mistakes will make it even easier for you to combine exercising your body with keeping your hair healthy. Happy January!