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Time for a takeover on the blog! Hafsa Hadid shares her best tips to match your hairstyle with your face shape. Hafsa is content strategist on hairstylecamp.com, a blog that handles every subject you can dream of when it comes to hair.

I’ve learned a thing or two, and I hope you will find it helpfull too.

Hair Styling Basics to Match Your Face shape

People who have perfect hairstyles know that the secret lies in matching their hairstyle to their face shape.

Forget what people are saying, there isn’t one perfect faceshape, everybody’s faceshapes are unique and beautiful. It’s just the matter of knowing how to work with what you’ve got. The most basic hair styling tip is to try to make your face look more symmetrical with your hairstyle. This is because people are more drawn towards people with symmetrical shaped faces.

But, focusing solely on face symmetry can only get you so far. There are many more basic hair styling rules that you can follow so that the next hairstyle you choose is the best one so far. Take some time to examine your face shape. Try to match it to these descriptions. It will make your basic hair styling routine much easier.

Square Face shape

Faces of these people resemble a square, that is, the measurements of all their facial features are similar. This is a face shape that most men think of as an ideal.

Women can either fully embrace it, or they can try to soften their strong jawlines with basic hair styling tricks.  These women usually go for simple layers that will distract from their strong jawlines. The layers usually look playful, yet they soften harsh facial features.

One classic hairstyle for men with square faces is crew cut. The hair on top is quite short, while the sides are cut even shorter. The hair styling routine of these men is quite basic, yet they always look amazing with this haircut.

Oval Face shape

These people have faces that are long but with shorter width. Their foreheads are bigger than their jawlines. This is an ideal face shape for women, but some people don’t think it’s that attractive on men. Either way, this is a perfect blank canvas which is an invitation for endless experimenting with different hairstyles.

Some women stay away from bob hairstyle because they can be hard to pull off. But, women with oval faceshape can go for it without any worries. If you want to spice up your bob haircut, add some fun layers. This will kill the monotony that a bob haircut can sometimes create.

Men with oval faceshape should create as much volume as they can, and style their hair upwards. Whatever they do, they should not have bangs because that will further soften their facial features.

Round Face shape

Round faces have similar cheekbones and face length. Jawlines of people with this face shape are usually less defined. The hairstyle goal for this face shape is to create an illusion of sharper facial features. People with round faces can pull off crazier hairstyles because they won’t look as extreme as they would on other people.

Women with round faces should either go for quite shorter or quite longer hairstyles. Really short hairstyles are really popular nowadays, and it’s always great to take a break from having long hair. If these women choose a longer hairstyle, they should have very little layers because he goal here is to elongate the face.

Flat top hair looks best on men with round faces. Styling the hair this way will probably require quite a lot of hair gel, so just go for it.

Heart Face shape

People with heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads, while their cheekbones and jawlines are quite narrow. The basic hair styling tip here is to focus on adding balance to the face. The heart-shaped face is disproportional, but this can be used as an advantage.

These women should grow their hair out. Then, they should add some layers that are either cheekbone or chin length. This way they can draw attention to their unique facial features.

These men should definitely stay away from short haircuts. Medium length hair is perfect for these men. Other than that, they can choose to either brush the hair on one side or to the back. It will look great either way.

Rectangle Face shape

The most noticeable facial feature of these people is their overall face length. Their foreheads, cheekbones and jawlines are all almost the same length. These people are trying to achieve some balance by trying to make their face appear shorter.

It’s best that women with rectangle face shape have a curly hairstyle. A perfect hair length here is short to medium. This way, the face doesn’t get elongated additionally. Crazy amazing volume is definitely wanted here.

While the trend of pompadour hairstyle is nowadays bigger than ever, men with rectangle face shape shouldn’t go for it. They should go in a completely different direction. The sides of their hair should remain almost the same length as the top parts. This way, they won’t elongate their faces further.

After going through all of these hair styling basics, you won’t find yourself leaving the hair salon in sadness. You won’t be naive like many people are when they think that they can pull off any hairstyle if they wanted. While it’s nice to experiment with our hair every now and then, it’s also great knowing exactly what suits us best. Now that you know your face shape and the perfect hairstyle for it go and get your glow-up in a hair salon!

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