You have probably heard of the many new and fancy hair treatments now available at the hairdressers. What would you say if we told you that you can get an amazing hair treatment result at home? NATURIGIN offers just that with our Colour Care Treatment.

NATURIGIN Colour Care Treatment

Once you have coloured your hair, it is vital to give it extra love to keep it healthy. The Colour Care Treatment from NATURIGIN is specially developed for coloured hair. The intention is to make sure the NATURIGIN colour reaches its full potential with nature’s ingredients while keeping the hair healthy. Hydrolyzed Silk Protein is derived from one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. This forms a crystalline protective barrier on strands and improves hair’s elasticity, resiliency, increases shine. Another natural ingredient is Chamomile Flower Extract, which provides smoothness and lightness to the hair.

How to use it

The NATURIGIN Colour Care treatment can both be used as a normal conditioner for when you are in the shower, but also as a deeper hair treatment. To reach the best result apply to hair that has been dampened with warm water and wrap in a towel for up to a half an hour to give it time to be absorbed. Afterwards, rinse out the product and you will now have silky-smooth hair!