Following the calendar, spring season is officially here, and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the hair trends 2016, so you can get ready to take off the woolly hat and show off your hair!

Hair bangs for the brave and playful fashionista!

Hair trends 2016

This year is all about the bangs, but how do you choose the right style for your look? Here are a few things to think about when choosing your bangs: One thing that can really make a difference as to how the result will be is your face shape. Do you have a squared shaped face, the soft, light and rounded off bangs are best. Does your head have a heart shape, the tousled and layered bangs are best. Is your face oval-shaped, the super short bangs are best, but you can carry all styles. And if your face is round you should choose all straight bangs.

  1. Short bangs: The hottest bangs right now are the very short ones that end a few inches above your eyebrows cut in a straight line across your forehead (picture).
  2. 70’s bangs: The very short bangs can be a big change and a bit daring, thus would you like to try a look with bangs, but don’t feel like making such a big change, you should go for the 70’s inspired bangs. Here, you keep the hair longer in the sides and shorter above your eyes giving it a soft, casual and natural look.

Short hair for the daring trendsetter!

Hair trends 2016

The street scene has been filled with girls with long gorgeous hair for a while now. But now it’s time to awaken your inner daredevil and try something new. Because one of the big hair trends 2016 this spring is to go short!

  1. Go all the way: The all short hair has gained its way back and has become one popular haircut here in the beginning of 2016. It takes guts to wear this outstanding hairstyle, but it can be done beautifully, just look at Ruth Bell (first picture).
  2. Pixie-cut: The pixie-cut has been popular for many years and it still is! You can wear the pixie-cut pulled back allowing to show your beautiful face, or you can wear it in the traditional way covering your forehead like soft bangs drawn from the back.
  3. The bob and pageboy hairstyles:
    • Short page: The short page and the pixie haircut is for you who would like a short haircut without losing the femininity of your hair. Keeping the length below your ears allow you to do different styles with straight or bent hair.
    • Long page: The very long hair has been a big trend for a while now. Maybe you are thinking about cutting your hair short, but are not ready to lose it all at once. A good solution for you could be the long pageboy, like the one Rihanna is wearing here (fourth picture). This will give you a fashionable and light look, while still keeping a certain length with many possibilities.

Long hair for you who just can’t stop loving it!

Hair trends 2016

Now, no one said you can’t keep your long hair and still stay trendy. The long and weighty hair is still a hit and possesses endless opportunities for different spring hairstyles. You can keep it straight, make soft waves or go crazy with the curls. You can wear a middle parted hairstyle for a fashionable look or part it in one side for a more casual and sexy look.

Hair trends 2016 brings something for everybody, and next week we will look into some of the most prominent hairdos for the upcoming spring months.