Did you ever get through a shower of rain without looking in the mirror and sigh because your hair looks like a pile of wet hay randomly glued onto your head? Neither did we. Try NATURIGIN’s 6 Hairstyles for rainy days!

Though the calendar says July, it seems that we are constantly offered the oh so great opportunity to practice our rainy day hair look. But what’s a bad weather forecast to keep us from looking gorgeous every day?

We have gathered six perfect hairstyles for the rainy days, so that you don’t have to worry about looking like the sad girl in a chick flick when the weather forecast says rain.

1: Messing up your bun is one of the best hairstyles for rainy days

Hairstyles for rainy days - Messy bun

The bun is pretty much our go-to hairstyle because it takes no time, is easy to make and can be styled in countless ways. The top-up bun is always cool, and with a messy look it is perfect for the rainy days. With this style, your hair is already and purposefully ‘a mess’, so a little rain won’t do any bad.

2: Perfect imperfect ponytail

Random ponytail

Another ever save choice is the ponytail. Now, you may think that the ponytail seems a bit dull and nothing you haven’t heard before – but you’re wrong! The ponytail comes in so many variations and can be styled for pretty much any occasion. For the rainy days, we suggest that you try to deconstruct your ponytail e.g. by twisting it, style it with more layers and go for a more random and messy look.

3: Hats and bands

Hats and headbands

An easy way to ‘save’ your hair from the wet days is to wear a hat, a headband or a scarf that more or less covers your hair. This kind of accessory is so cool and perfect for a rainy day (or when you just don’t have the time or energy to do your hair). Personally, we love hats – or anything that can give your look a little edge. But don’t forget to style your hair underneath just a little bit!

4: Waves and curls will absolutely do as one of the hairstyles for rainy days!

Waves and curls

If you have textured or curly hair, we say that the rainy days are the time to embrace this. So just let your hair loose and style it in a casual and random looking way as if you got out of bed and your hair just happened to look amazing. You can also do a half-up hairdo or tighten the front hair with pins and let the rest hang. A braided half-up style with waves is simply gorgeous!

5: Braid it up


And speaking of… you probably heard us say this before, but we just absolutely love braids! And braids are perfect for then rainy days (well actually for whenever if you ask us). There are endless opportunities when speaking of braids, but some that are really suitable for an everyday rainy day look could be the crown braid, the fishtail braid, a braided bun or simply a twisted hairstyle. All very cool, beautiful, easy to make and will keep your hair in place.

6: Clip it

Hairstyles for rainy days

A very simple and fast solution for styling your hair for a grey day is to just take a clips or pin and tighten a wisp of the front hair from each side on the back of your head. Leave the remaining hair hanging and you have a great and simple hairstyle that won’t make your hair flap against your cheeks when the rain comes.

Tip: Use hairspray when styling your hair in any of the above mentioned ways to make the look last better.