We see a lot of natural hairstyle in the street picture and on the runway. The unexpected and easy looks are the most fashion forward hairstyles.
A very trendy hairstyle is the half top knot where you leave half of the lower hair down and the rest of your hair in a knot on the top. But why not upgrade it and make it fun?
It is a great hairstyle for both people with short and long hair. This style can be complementary if you want an overall trendy look, but you can also do it to create a more simple look. It is great for both day and night hairstyles.

We take the inspiration from the half top knot and make it a little bit more elegant and all you need is hairspray and some bobby pins. Follow my 2 steps, and see how easy it is.

Half Top Knot: 2 step guide

1. Begin with one hair tuft from each side on the front and connect them on the back of your head with two bobby pins – one bobby pin turning left and the other turning right.
Half top knot step 1

2. Turn one hair tuft around the bobby pin in the shape of the number 8 and spray with hairspray to keep it in place. Turn the other hair tuft the opposite way around in 8’s and spray with hairspray.

Half top knot Step 2

Now your bobby pins are covered and the hair has a fun finish.

Half top knot ResultHalf top knot result

Try the half top knot out for yourself and be your own hair artist.