The holiday season is upon us and what better way to make your christmas look extra special, than with a beautiful holiday hairstyle? Here I will show you a step by step on how to make a stunning messy updo.

    1. Curl the hair with a very slim curling iron. Curl in horisontal sections starting from the neck. First, you start by curling on section of the hair in a left direction, followed by curling a section in the right direction and then towards the left direction again. Do this throughout the hair.maria1
    2. Once the hair has cooled down, you brush it through with a soft brush.maria2
    3. You can leave the hair like this or style it in an updo. I styled it in an updo using lots of hair spray an dry shampoo all over det hair. Back brush the top and place the hair where you want with bobbiepins. Finish with hairspray.maria3


Happy Holidays guys!

– Maria Wahlin