Summer is here and to many this means long days on the beach, summer barbecues, weddings, travels, festivals, sidewalk cafes, and many more things that lay the ground for a cool and stylish look.

If you are looking for the perfect time to change your hair, summer is it! To get through the heat, the sand, the salty water and the many parties, you’ll want a hairstyle that requires little maintenance, without compromising with a gorgeous and fashionable look. That is why we have gathered a list of tips of the hottest summer hairstyles for you to get ready for a perfect summer 2016.

The Hair Bob

Hairstyles summer 2016

One of the returning trends this year is the bob.

The short bob:

This style is perfect for summer as it removes the long hair from your shoulders, which is really nice in the summer heat. If you have long or medium long hair, this style could be a way for you to change your look without going all short. With the bob you still have some length in your hair, and the maintenance required is quite low. The bob can look great for both straight and curly hair and is also suitable for bangs.

The long bob:

This style is great if you’re seeking a lighter look, but still want to keep the feel of long hair. The long bob goes right below your shoulders and is very hot right now as it is perfect if you want a feminine and sexy look. To frame your face, this style is great with long or short bangs.

Hair Bangs

Hairstyles summer 2016

Baby bangs:

If you love your bangs or are thinking about getting bangs, this style is perfect for the summer. Keeping the bangs short will make your hair lighter in the summer heat, and the baby bangs are one the prominent hair trends this year, so it is the perfect fashionable summer style.

Textured bangs:

Another great tendency is to embrace the texture of your hair in all aspects. So if you have curly or wavy hair, keep this texture in your bangs as well. Don’t be dependent on a hot tool to style your bangs every day, but keep the natural movement for a soft look.

Layers of Hair

Hairstyles summer 2016

If you are looking to grow out your hair or for a way to make a small change that allows you to keep your long hair, layered hair is the way to go this season. Instead of cutting a straight line, ask your hairdresser to take vertical sections and point cut into the hair. This technique creates a soft and more organic edge in your hair.

The ‘suited-for-your-texture’ haircut

To make it as easy as possible for yourself to style and maintain your hair, the next time you go to the hairdresser, ask him or her to help you find out what is the right haircut for your texture. You can probably recognize the feeling that you just can’t get it right without a certain hair tool or without spending hours in front of the mirror every morning. But by discovering what is the suitable haircut for your texture, lifestyle and resources, styling and taking care of your hair will become easier.

Hairstyles summer 2016

There is an upcoming trend of embracing the ‘real nature’ of your hair, so if your hair is big and curly or frizzy, don’t spend too much time trying to ‘fix’ this. Start embracing the hair look that you were given and find a way to make it work the best for you.

Short, but High Hair

Hairstyles summer 2016

If you are looking for a big change, go short! Stylists predict that the ultra-short haircut is a trend that we will see more and more this year.

If you are going for a super short haircut, this year, height is making its comeback. There is a tendency of women with short hair really making a statement with the height of their hair, so if you are the brave type, take a chance with the shape of your hair. To do this hairstyle well requires healthy hair, so get rid of the damaged and split ends and ask your hairdresser for advice on how to wear this style.