You probably know the yellow and orange tones that sometimes appear when you colour your hair blonde. Unless you are going for a warm strawberry blonde, these tones are probably highly unwanted and annoying! Did you know that this is called brassiness?

Avoid brassiness in your colour

In order to avoid brassiness in your colouring it is important to understand how going blonde works. When adding a lighter permanent hair colour to your own darker colour, the permanent colour does two things: it lightens and lifts out your own colour and it replaces your colour with new artificial pigments. In this process warm colours will be pulled out in your hair and, the darker your own hair is, the more warmth will appear. This is where the brassiness becomes visible. The perfect blonde should be achieved in a balance of cool and warm tones in your permanent colouring, because the cool tones will even out the warm tones in your own hair.

If you are a dark brunette I would recommend that you see a colourist for your blonde transformation.

Going from a darker to a lighter colour is only one of many things that can cause brassiness. Other things to look out for are shampoos with sulfates, ocean water and sun exposure as well as products that contain silicone or parabens.

Things you can do to avoid brassiness at home:

  • There is one way to minimize brassiness that might seem odd to you at first. It has the same effect as a purple shampoo. You can use tomato sauce, made on only water and tomatoes. You add the sauce to dry hair, wrap it in aluminum foil and leave it on for 20-25 min. Then rinse out and wash your hair as normal. This trick will make hair less brassy and increase shine too, without damaging freshly coloured locks.
  • A drastic transformation takes time. If you want to go from a dark colour to a perfect blonde it can take months to get the perfect result. I recommend you take your time and consult a colourist.
  • Keep your hair healthy. Healthy hair is less likely to go brassy. Make sure you take good care of your hair and use products containing silk such as NATURIGIN Colour Care Conditioner.
  • Write it down. Once you find the NATURIGIN hair colour that gives you the best result, write it down or save the box. That way you will never be in doubt about your preferred hair colour again.

Now you can bring out the sassiness without the brassiness!