When it comes to grey hair we are all different. Some people get the first signs of grey hair when they are 20 years old, whereas others get them at the age of 40. Why is it so different person to person? Is it possible to stop your hair from getting grey and can a special diet prevent your hair from doing so? This blogpost will learn you all about grey hair.

First of all, almost all people will eventually one day get grey hair. It is a normal and completely natural part of life.

Despite that, many women experience the first meeting with a silver-ish hair stroke as a complete nightmare.

Luckily there are a few things you can do to prevent getting grey hair early. We get grey hair when the pigmentation cells responsible for colour, stops being produced.

The average woman will normally get grey hair in her 30’s. On that note, the process is also based on genes, if your mother developed grey hair early, you will probably experience the same.

BUT experts believe that there are certain things you can do in terms of diets and lifestyle, to slow down the process:

1. Avoid too much stress. Studies shows that people who generally are stressed often get grey hair faster than people who don’t experience stress in their everyday life.

2. Studies show that a well-balanced diet helps slow down the greying process

3. Some experts furthermore argue that low vitamin B12 levels are notorious for causing loss of hair pigment.

Some people decide to accept the grey hair and embrace them, whereas others want to colour their hair. The NATURIGIN hair colours guarantee up to 100% grey hair coverage, our products are moreover based on natural ingredients and are also vegan-friendly. So if you want to cover the first signs of age without risking neither your personal health nor burden the environment, you should definitely try NATURIGIN hair colours.

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Pictures from: Pinterest, Glamour UK, Studio B, Theecobabe