The theme of this week’s blog is a bit different from previous blogs. This week is about fashion and London. Two things that we can’t help but absolutely love!

When we think ‘London’, we think one of the biggest fashion cities in the world, competing with cities such as Paris and New York. The fashion history of London is as old as the city itself; by the fifteenth century, London was one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the world, drawing rich and influential people into the city. Thus already back then, fashionable trends arose in the streets of London. But it is especially in the twentieth and twenty-first century, London has made its impact on the world of fashion. The city has become associated with traditional handcrafting within shirt making, shoe making, hat making and tailoring, but is also well known for the vibrant scene of clubbing and street fashion.

When we think ‘London’, it is no wonder then that we think luxury, glamour, elegance, Harrods, the Palace and the royal family. To us, London represents something exclusive and high-class, something that you can’t help but to want more of.

But when we think ‘London’, we also think edge, personality, diversion, attitude and something that stands out. London has something for everyone! And this is one of the things we love about London and what makes it such a great fashion city.

Now, there is, off course, a reason why the theme of this week’s blog is fashion in London. On February 22, we will attend The Bloggers Hangout at London Fashion Week 2016, and we are extremely excited about this!

London Fashion Week is one of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks – along with New York, Paris and Milan – and is held twice a year, in September and now in February. London Fashion Week has existed since 1984 and is visited by over 5,000 press people and buyers. This year, NATURIGIN will be among these people as we are attending one of the off-schedule events, namely The Bloggers Hangout. We are so excited to be at the scenes during London Fashion Week and to meet passionate bloggers from the United Kingdom. Follow us on the blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what we are doing!

And drink up!