Why choose NATURIGIN Natural based Hair colour?

Hi! Welcome back to another blogpost from ‘The Hair Log’. This blogpost will concern NATURIGIN 100% Permanent Hair Colour and what ingredients to look for when you consider using certified organic natural-based hair colour instead of regular hair colour. NATURIGIN offers a new way of colouring your hair – it means 100% free of, Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonia, Resorcinol and parabens and the lowest amount of PPD in the world. 

This topic is extremely relevant as to 74.9% of women in Denmark has tried colouring their hair, 5.3% of these had had an allergic or allergy-like skin reaction due to hair colour, and 10% has experienced redness, peeling and itching associated with hair dye (Source: Videnscenter for allergi, 2011). 

Denmark is a small country when you compare to the US, Asia or even Australia – we know that. But nevertheless the tendency that women colour their hair with products containing harmful chemicals without hesitation, is a global problem. The concern about the environment, health, animal testing and the beauty industry in generel was some of the rationale for the birth of NATURIGIN! 

Our pledge is to ensure that our hair colours includes as many mild organic and natural ingredients as possible, without compromising the performance or functionality. This blogpost purpose is to inform you about what ‘regular’ hair colour contains and convince you that it is time to make healthier choices when it comes to hair colour! 

What is SLS? 

A lot of beauty products such as shampoo, face wash and body wash contains SLS also known as Lauryl Sulfate. This ingredients is what makes the product bubbly and foamy. But the problem with SLS is that is can be a skin irritant and can cause dry skin and allergic reactions. When you use hair colour with SLS you can

Ammonia in hair colour 

Ammonia is an ingredient used in many household cleaning products – a GOOD argument to not even consider using products that contain that ingredient in your beauty product! In a regular hair colour ammonia helps the hair follicles to swell – when the hair is swollen it becomes much more absorbent, which allows it to soak in the dye. The process makes the hair colour last longer because ammonia makes the colour soak in deeper. So when you use ammonia free hair colour like NATURIGIN, you can in some cases experience that the colour won’t last as long as ‘regular’ hair colour but in return you can be sure that you don’t harm your hair in the same way. 

Why avoid parabens? 

Parabens are used in most of the mainstream hair colours all over the world. But parabens can be dangerous for your health – parabens can alter hormonal balance and may cause reproductive and developmental problems.

What can NATURIGN offer you? 

  • No chemicals, certified organic and natural ingredients 
  • Easy to use 30 minute colouring 
  • 19 different shades of Beautiful
  • Professional quality

What is the major difference between regular and organic hair colour? 

Some people are concerned that organic and natural based hair colour can’t give the same result as you get using regular hair colour. NATURIGIN hair colour contains certified organic lemon and mandarin essential oils and 10 other pure and gentle organic extracts and natural oils, that gives your hair shine and nourishment after you coloured it. In contrast, when you are using regular hair colour you can experience having problems with dry and damaged hair afterwards. Furthermore you avoid dangerous chemicals, that in the long run can affect your health, when you choose a healthier option in hair colour products. 

Last but not least we at NATURIGIN are against animal testing, which means that no animals where harmed in the production of our hair colour products and the hair colour are further more vegan!

NATURIGIN, the voice of healthy hair

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5 tips to prepare for wintertime

Just like your skin reacts during fall and winter season, your hair does too. The cold and dry air removes the moist in your hair, it leaves your hair dry and frizzy, which is both annoying and damaging for your hair and sensitive scalp. This is why it is important to take good care of your hair and scalp during these cold winter months.

  1. Avoid harmful ingredients

First of all, it is key to find a shampoo and conditioner that contains glycerine and a low PH-value, which counteracts itch, dryness and irritation. There are a lot of products on the market that promise healthy and shiny hair. Unfortunately, most of these products contain harmful ingredients such as perfume and parabens. If you suffer from dry scalp, dandruff and so on, it is even more important to avoid these harmful ingredients. 

  1. Think about how often you wash your hair

To prevent your hair from drying out in the cold, try to keep hair washing to a minimum, if possible, only 2 to 3 times a week.

  1. Avoid ponytails

Another great tip is to keep your hair down as much as possible, this will prevent the additional breakage that a rubber band creates. If you wear a ponytail, wear it in different heights, to avoid too much pressure in one area.

  1. Choose a sulphate-free shampoo

Sulphate is a very common ingredient when it comes to shampoo. BUT at the same time, it is also very damaging for your hair. Sulphate is mostly responsible for foaming in shampoo, soaps and detergents. Sulphate can irritate skin and eyes, and it also strips your hair of natural oils because it works so aggressively. Therefore, it can be beneficial to invest in a sulphate-free shampoo.

  1. Avoid hot showers

It is tempting to turn on the hot water when it is freezing outside, but it can damage both your scalp, skin and hair, by stripping it of moisture.

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Hair Care Tips: How to Wash Your Hair Properly

It seems easy to wash your hair. But have you ever considered whether you are doing the best for your hair when you wash it? In the following, we have tried to collect the best tips on this matter.

The first step towards getting healthy hair

At first, it is important to choose the right shampoo. In many cases shampoo contains silicone, which will leave the hair soft and shiny in the first place. But did you know that silicone is a plastic, which encircles the hair and conceals your scalp. This way your scalp can’t breathe which can result in hair loss. Furthermore, this makes it hard for your caring products to get through to your hair and you risk getting dry hair and split ends. Like that silicone harms your hair even though it seems to leave it soft and shiny at first. Because of that, we do recommend keeping an eye on the presence of silicone in your everyday hair wash and conditioner. On this account, we have developed our Colour Care Hairwash and Conditioner without adding any silicone – and it still leaves the hair smooth and shiny because of the Silk Protein and Chamomile Flower Extract.

And now to the actual act of healthy hairwashing

  • Make sure to make your hair wet with warm water as it will open up the hair cuticle and prepare it to welcome your caring products. Like this, the hair will absorb the hairwash much easier. 

  • When you wash your hair, it is beneficial to wash it twice. The first time you remove dirt, oil and excess hair products. Afterwards, the shampoo can access the hair directly and you will obtain optimal haircare. 

  • Use your favourite quality conditioner and leave it in the hair for a few minutes to give it time to be absorbed.

  • Finish up by washing your hair in cold water as it will seal the hair cuticle back up. 

This is how simple it can be to shape the best conditions for healthy hair!

NATURIGIN, the voice of healthy hair 🌱

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