Tips for a Sustainable Festival

Festival season is upon us. For many people this season means listening to your favourite artist playing live, hanging out with your best friends and in general having the time of your life. Nethertheless it is still important to be sustainable, lucky for you festival and sustainability goes perfectly hand-in-hand. This blog post will give you some great tips and tricks for how to be eco-friendly while you are having fun in the sun, as well as getting ready for festival in a more natural way.

Tip #1: Reuse your plastic cup on festivals

Surely you have heard about how much plastic is breaking down in the ocean and is destroying animal life? The easiest way to avoid it from happening is to be extremely aware of how much plastic you are using.

If you are at a festival where the only way to get drinks or mocktails is to buy them in plastic cups, then think twice and reuse the cups over and over again. A little thought means a lot in the long run, remember that….

Tip #2: Bring your own water bottle (stay hydrated)

It is important to stay hydrated when you attend a festival. At many festivals it is only possible to buy drinks, cocktails and water in plastic bottles. In order to take good care of the environment, we recommend you to bring your own water bottle.

Doing so you take good care of the planet while you take good care of yourself. It is a win win…

Tip #3: Use Nature to create festive hairstyles

Having a hard time figuring out how to get festive for the next festival? Why don’t you use the nature and all its colours to dress up? Go to your local forest or flower field and collect just enough flowers to make your own flower-crown. Use the NATURIGIN ‘All Day Hairspray’ to make sure the flowers stay in place throughout the entire festival. What is better than organic and natural beauty?

Tip #4: Shop vintage

If you want to dress up for the festive occasion, remember to think twice before buying new clothings. Did you know that to produce just one cotton shirt requires approximately 3000 litres of water? A really good argument to reuse clothes and shop vintage! Another argument is that when you shop vintage products you thereby avoid the possibility to show up with the same outfit as someone else.

Tip #5: Clean up after yourself

After all, the important thing is definitely to remember to clean up after yourself if you don’t want to be causing any unnecessary stress to the environment. Make sure to pick up all your rubbish and throw it in the bin so that it can be recycled.

Tip #6: Use bicycles or public transport

When attending to a festival make sure to take some sustainably decisions when choosing how to get there. Grab your bike if the festival is near you. Or take the local bus with your friends to reduce CO2 emissions.

Curious for more festival tips? Read our blog post on how to style hair for festivals:

Hope you found this blog post helpful, we at NATURIGIN wish you all a wonderful summer and a fun festival season.


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The ugly business of animal testing

Animal testing for cosmetics is an ugly business. Even so, many thousands of animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice suffer needlessly to test products like lipstick and shampoo around the world. At NATURIGIN we fight against animal testing and we want to make a difference on this matter. Even through a product signals high quality, it doesn’t say anything about the actual conditions of production. We find it important to be aware of these unknown details and in order to raise awareness about this we have partnered up with Humane Society International.

An organization who stands up for this matter

Humane Society International (HSI) is one of the only global animal protection organizations working to help all animals! The organization has made a campaign named ‘Be Cruelty-Free’. But what does ‘Be Cruelty-Free’ actually mean? And what is the purpose of the campaign?

HSI’s campaign is the largest in the world with the purpose to end cosmetics animal testing. The campaign helps raise consumer awareness of the suffering of animals who continue to be blinded, poisoned and killed by the beauty industry. The hope with ‘Be Cruelty-Free’ is to transform the worldwide beauty industry into cruelty-free cosmetics markets. The ‘Be Cruelty-Free’-campaign is advocating for animals by:

  • Changing laws to ban animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients

  • Changing laws to end the sale of newly animal tested beauty products from anywhere in the world

  • Promoting modern science, standing up for the development of new non-animal tests and train regulators and companies in their use of modern science

  • Educating consumers, raising awareness about animal testing and how to shop cruelty-free

  • Working with companies to help them move away from animal testing, and partnering with cruelty-free companies to bring pressure for change

  • Building an unstoppable international campaign backed by the public, top companies, politicians and celebrity friends  

The use of animal tests today

HSI and all of its partners have already succeeded in convincing Europe and it’s 28 markets to become the world’s largest cruelty-free cosmetics market since 2009. But in 8 out of 10 countries around the world it is still legal to test beauty products and their ingredients on animals. HSI estimates that approximately 100,000-200,000 animals suffer and die just for cosmetics tests every year around the world.

Unfortunately, the current reality does still contain companies who force chemicals down innocent animal’s throats and drip chemicals into their eyes and onto their shaved skin. This is the ugly secret of the beauty industry – but it doesn’t have to be this way. The ‘Be Cruelty-Free’ campaign is determined to end this cause and NATURIGIN supports this matter.

Animal testing isn’t a condition to produce high quality beauty products

It isn’t necessary to test products on animals. Hundreds of cosmetic companies around the world prove this every single day as they provide without animal testing. Companies have the choice to find their ingredients among the thousands of ingredients with existing safety data or to use one of the more than 40 non-animal tests that have been validated for use if it is necessary to use brand new ingredients.  

At NATURIGIN we are fighting against animal testing. We are cruelty-free and we have never even considered testing our products on animals. Being a part of the global ‘Be Cruelty-Free’ campaign by HSI is important to us, as we can’t think of any reason to needlessly maim and kill animals to test cosmetics products. Our focus is to create quality products based on natural oils and minerals without victimizing animals.

The case is simple – we want to take responsibility by spreading the word of the cruelty of animal testing. It is time to end cosmetics cruelty forever!

On this account we want to encourage all of you to be aware of this purpose and reflect upon the consequences of animal testing. You are responsible for your actions and your choice of product matters in the bigger picture – especially for all the animals suffering out there. Choose cruelty-free products and help us convince the rest of the world to be cruelty-free as well!

NATURIGIN, the voice of healthy hair 🌱

The facts about animal testing are collected from HSI’s own website. Sources:



How to deal with grey hair

When it comes to grey hair we are all different. Some people get the first signs of grey hair when they are 20 years old, whereas others get them at the age of 40. Why is it so different person to person? Is it possible to stop your hair from getting grey and can a special diet prevent your hair from doing so? This blogpost will learn you all about grey hair.

First of all, almost all people will eventually one day get grey hair. It is a normal and completely natural part of life.

Despite that, many women experience the first meeting with a silver-ish hair stroke as a complete nightmare.

Luckily there are a few things you can do to prevent getting grey hair early. We get grey hair when the pigmentation cells responsible for colour, stops being produced.

The average woman will normally get grey hair in her 30’s. On that note, the process is also based on genes, if your mother developed grey hair early, you will probably experience the same.

BUT experts believe that there are certain things you can do in terms of diets and lifestyle, to slow down the process:

1. Avoid too much stress. Studies shows that people who generally are stressed often get grey hair faster than people who don’t experience stress in their everyday life.

2. Studies show that a well-balanced diet helps slow down the greying process

3. Some experts furthermore argue that low vitamin B12 levels are notorious for causing loss of hair pigment.

Some people decide to accept the grey hair and embrace them, whereas others want to colour their hair. The NATURIGIN hair colours guarantee up to 100% grey hair coverage, our products are moreover based on natural ingredients and are also vegan-friendly. So if you want to cover the first signs of age without risking neither your personal health nor burden the environment, you should definitely try NATURIGIN hair colours.

Read more about which hair colour that will suit you on, or you can try the guide for cool vs. warm undertones here

Pictures from: Pinterest, Glamour UK, Studio B, Theecobabe



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