Do you wake up in the morning, looking more like a frizzy alpaca than Carrie Bradshaw-ish? Do you, like a lot of other people, not have the money for a stylist to help you with the frizzy curls in the morning? Do you use a straightener on bad hair days, to look less like an alpaca, and more like a human being? – and we all know that, straightening your curls, is a solution that only helps a couple of hours, and before you know it, you are back to the frizzy-alpaca look. If you can answer “yes” to one or more of the above-mentioned scenarios, read my tips and tricks for washing your natural curls and how to sleep with them below. – I know the post is a bit long, but it’s never simple when it comes to curly hair


It is important to say, that all curls are different and that there is no one-way solution to the styling and treatment of curly hair. The big variations in curl length, width, density and patterns makes it impossible to recommend one guide for everyone. It is a good idea to figure out what type of curls you have, to help you find the methods best recommended for you. The tricks and tips I want to share with you in this blog post, can be used by many different types of curls, though some of the tricks may help some more than others. These tips have helped me turn my natural curls into a friend rather than a foe AND reduced my hair brush budget (I’ve broken so many over time).

5 tricks for curly-girls

1. Don’t overwash and heatstyle to much
The first tip, is a bit of a cliché but simple: The healthier the hair, the less likely it is to frizz. A simple way of getting healthier hair is to wash, dry, straighten or use other kinds of heat styling less frequently. I am no saint when it comes to this, cause we all know that the above mentioned methods, are an easy way to tame and control your curls, but water make your hair well from the inside, which forces the cuticle up. This means: the more water, the more frizz and breakage. So hit the cold-shot button on your dryer and only wash your hair, when you need to. You can easily replace some washes with a natural hair styling to remove grease and sweat from your hair.

2. No Poo
Many curly-girls swear to a method, which involves never using shampoo. The “No Poo” method may seem extreme, but if you reduce the use of shampoo to once a week, and use conditioner instead, it will do a lot for the health of your hair.

3. Comb not brush
As I mentioned earlier, I have broken many hair brushes in the past, which has resulted in me leaving my house with messy hair. As I have become wiser, I now know that hairbrushes cause breakage and iron out the curls natural shape. Replace your hairbrush with a wide-toothed comb and use it to untangle your hair while applying your condition in the shower, and DON’T comb your hair after the shower.

Natural curls treatment
Braids overnight for curly hair

4. Braids
An old but good styling method that works for almost all hair types: Braids. This method can be done in many different ways, some divide their hair into 6-8 sections of regular braids and other make one big French braid. All of the braid-types can be done on dry and wet hair, but the curls will turn out better if the hair starts out damp. The method also smoothens out frizz, loosens curls and give you the power to control and shape specific sections. The method I am using, is to split a section of hair into two, and wrap the two parts around each other, all the way from the roots down to the ends. So go braid manic and find the braid-type that works for you.

5. The pineapple method
Pineapple is the name of a delicious fruit, but it is also the name of a method to preserving your curls while you sleep. You will have to find ways to make you wash day last longer, when you cut down. Pineappling is a technique, where you put your hair in a high, loose ponytail on the top of your head. The technique prevents your hair from producing knots, frizz and flattened curls, which can happen when lying on a pillow. Use a satin scrunchie or any ponytail holder that allows a loose loop around your hair. Some curly-girl even use a satin scarf to protect their hair even more, because pillowcases can dry your hair out, as an effect of the rubbing. If you don’t feel like sleeping with a satin scarf, you can easily buy a satin pillowcase instead. Read more about the pineapple updo here

Pinapple method for curly hair

Good luck curly-girls! Hope my tips and tricks can help you curly-girls with less bad hairdays. If some of you would like a blogpost about styling your natural curls, comment below

I wish you all a good hair-day

Best regards Mollie // NATURIGIN