The latest trick in fashion is achieving a makeup-free and natural look with focus on natural and healthy wavy hair. One of the looks I’m doing a lot at the moment on fashion jobs, are soft natural waves. I love this look because it’s so natural and gives life to the hair.
You can easily make it yourself by applying a curling product or texture spray before curling your hair with a curling iron. First of all you have to make sure your hair is all dry and not too oily, so don’t use too much conditioner before you plan to curl your hair, as the curls tend to fall out. For big and loose curls use an iron with a bigger barrel. I like to use the old school curling iron with a clip. Wrap your hair around the barrel in sections. Don’t hold the curling iron in your hair for too long – too much heat exposure can cause your hair to dry out. Leave the ends straight, that will make the curls look more natural. Run the fingers through your hair when the curls are cooled off, to make it look more natural.

There are always a healthier option for styling products in stores, you just have to look for them. Be aware of what you put in your hair because many hair products are full of toxic chemicals which are very damaging for your hair.

5 hair products you should avoid:

Silicone based products: It makes the hair look shiny and soft, but …..
Alcohol based products: A lot of styling sprays, gels and mousses contain alcohol which dry out your hair
Fragrance: Avoid all hair products that contain fragrance. This ingredient can contain more than 4000 separate ingredients.
Plastic brushes: The plastic has a tendency to break the hairs
Salt spray: The salt in the spray which leaves your hair messy and give you a beachy look dry out your hair.