We are striving to teach you everything you need to know about good, simple and natural hair care. For this reason, we would like to use this week’s post to introduce you to the ‘nature’ in NATURIGIN products, namely the ingredients. Taking good care of your hair does not need to require hours and hours of work, but following a few simple and basic tips and using the right products for your hair will take you a long way.

The Benefits of Nature

NATURIGIN make natural products that contain certified organic ingredients. But what is it that makes NATURIGIN natural and organic; and what does natural and organic ingredients really do for your hair? We will try to answer this by teaching you a little bit about all the natural ingredients in our products.

The benefits of citrus fruits

Natural products for hair

Lemon, mandarin and grapefruit are all on our ingredients list because they provide some very specific benefits for your hair and skin. Lemon and mandarin both contain astringents and enzymes that have an antiseptic and toning effect on your hair. Mandarin and citrus add good smell and flavour, while grapefruits can leave your hair rejuvenated and fresh. All three contributes to a good and fresh condition of your hair and scalp.

The benefits of stone fruits

NATURIGIN products also contain peach, apricot and grapes which are all three fruits with a high nourishing effect. Peach and apricot have emollient functions softening and smoothening the skin while at the same time maintaining and improving the good condition of the skin. Grapes are also emollient and have a powerful blend of high antioxidant oils protecting against environmental aggressors and helping to keep the natural balance of free radicals in your hair.

The benefits of nuts

Jojoba and shea butter are both a type of nut listed on our ingredients list. Shea butter has an emollient effect and thus softens and smoothens the skin on your scalp. Furthermore, it is filled with vitamins A, E and F, which are all important for the health of your hair. If you want more information about this, click here. Shea butter has a lubricating effect and helps you avoid dry skin and maintain skin elasticity. In addition, jojoba has a conditioning and hydrating effect on your skin and contributes to avoiding a greasy feel. And what’s more, jojoba actually provides natural heat protection.

Natural products for hair

The benefits of flowers and plants

Also on the list are sunflower, soy, aloe and wheat. Sunflower seeds and soybeans both come from flowers. Sunflower oil has conditioning and emollient functions on hair as well as skin, it is easily absorbed and provides a protective moisture barrier. At the same time, it leaves your hair soft, shiny and easy to comb and style. Soy contains the same conditioning features as the sunflower, but at the same time these amazing small beans reduce the static electricity and thus contributes to avoiding frizzy hair. Moreover, soy holds and retains moisture and is rich on vitamin E.

Aloe has emollient, cooling and calming effects on hair and scalp – aloe has traditionally been thought to have a healing affect. Another great effect of this ingredient is that it helps in the styling of your hair.

Wheat contains some important benefits for your skin as it helps avoid harmful effects from external factors such as heat damages from your styling tools.

Natural products for hair

All of the above mentioned ingredients provide you with supplementing benefits that are important to the health of your hair. As the ingredients are derived from nature, they are all harmless for your body, hair and skin. Make sure you get these ingredients, whether it is from within through your diet or through the natural products you add to your hair.