Our new line of hair styling products is now available online in the US!

19 different natural and permanent hair colours, a natural care line, and now we also offer our new natural line of hair styling products. We have developed a dry shampoo and hairspray with ultra protective and volumizing features, perfect for everyday styling. And they are both available online in Vitamin Shoppe.

NATURIGIN dry shampoo is a volumizing and invisible dry shampoo that absorbs excess oil, dirt and residues from other styling products – like NATURIGIN hair spray – from the day before – a true life saver on a busy morning! NATURIGIN hairspray is your best friend when it comes to styling: it penetrates the hair adding layers of texture to give you a perfect hold throughout the day.

The dry shampoo and the hairspray are both natural and free of sulfate, parabens and chlorine, and they are both perfect for hair styling. Click to read more about the styling products or visit Vitamin Shoppe to buy them now.