NATURIGIN is once again recognized as a part of the beauty industry, which highly priorities the environment, ecology and organic products. This time we are featured on a top-10 eco products list.

“With multiple green, eco, organic and anti-cruelty approvals, this is the hair wash for all earth angels out there” states Emma Mildon, an international columnist, spiritual guide, publicist and author about NATURIGIN’s Colour Care Hair Wash.

Besides an intense belief in spirituality, Emma is also a strong advocate of organic products, ecology and natural beauty. She actively spreads this message on her blog and on Facebook, where she has nearly 30.000 followers. She goes by the slang: “Just call me your spiritual personal assistant for the soul” – but don’t be deceived, the New Zealander woman is passionate about organic and ecological beauty: “Eco products and the balance of making right environmental choices will in turn make you a good person – save yourself and the planet,” says Emma in her introduction of why she has created a top-10 eco products list. She stresses the importance of caring for the earth, and that is in fact also one of the reasons why NATURIGIN’s Colour Care Hair Wash is placed on the list: “If you are looking for an earth angel product that saves the earth and your sanity – then check out my top-10 eco products list”.

Despite the spiritual angle, we are still extremely proud to be among her top-10 favorite ecological products. Try out her recommended Colour Care Hair Wash and read more about our hairwash.