October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month here at NATURIGIN. Yesterday we finished our ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign’ that has been running on Facebook during October. Cancer in general is a very important and touching subject to us. That is why we decided to start a fundraising campaign to donate money to the fight against cancer.

Cancer is still affecting so many people and is still a deadly disease, which is why we see great importance in supporting the search for a cure. Though we are aware of the seriousness of this disease, we humans still apply so many products that potentially are part of causing cancer. Because these products are available to us and we don’t really know the consequences of using them.

We want to change this awareness. Our vision is to make products that are as natural as possible because we believe that true beauty is organic. One of the founders of NATURIGIN, Mette Lykkegaard, is herself a cancer survivor and has a deep passion for changing the beauty industry.

That is why we decided to make this donation with the help of our followers. We made a campaign on our Facebook page and got in total 1200 reactions to our Breast Cancer Awareness Month post. This means that we have donated $1000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. We are happy to be able to support this cause and thankful for all the reactions we got from our community. We will continue to do what is in our power to change the beauty industry; to enable people to colour their hair without comprimising with their health.

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