The Danish web and blogger universe ChriChri has made a great evaluation of our natural and organic hair colours. Their colleague Julie, who is also pregnant, was very excited to try out NATURIGIN.

Julie: “The hair colour is made of 98.2% organic derived ingredients and is 100% free from parabens and ammonia. Also, they have recycled packaging. Besides these great points, they are also HSI (Humane Society International) partners which means that NATURIGIN supports the fight against animal testing and animal abuse – when I learned this, I had no doubts left in my mind! I had to try out these hair colours”, says Julie.

“I chose a colour which was quite different from my own in order to give the colouring a twist. The result was great! The colour had a 100% coverage and left all my co-workers very jealous – now they had to discover the great results from NATURIGIN on their own hair”.

It is important for us say that…
We do not directly recommend pregnant women to colour their hair, but if women wish to stay beautiful during their pregnancy, NATURIGIN is the natural, organic and sustainable choice.

However, Julie had no problem with colouring her hair, even though she is pregnant: “It is very important for me that I can feel feminine and delicious with a good conscience while I am pregnant”. That was possible with NATURIGIN.

NB: The article is written in Danish. You can, however, either translate it or just view the beautiful before/after pictures.