To many of us, a new year means new tendencies. When we embrace the new year, we like to embrace changes. And one change could be the change of a hairstyle to underline the feel of a new and great year.

Along with the new year, the fashion week season has begun and we have used this opportunity to follow up on some of the newest trends within hair styling in 2016. So are you looking for some inspiration for your 2016 winter and spring hairstyle, we have gathered the most prominent hair trends for you right here.


  1. Hair bangs. The classic bangs never go out of style! But what shape and length is fashionable right now? Are you feeling courageous and ready for a big change, the super short bangs like in picture one is the most outstanding in the beginning of 2016. However, do you feel that this is a little bit too daring for you, the 1970’s inspired bangs like in the second picture are also a big hit right now. In this style, you keep the hair long in the sides and shorter above your eyes.
  2. Keep it short. One thing that is relevant for all of us, and something most of us probably consider every time we go to the hairdresser, is the length of our hair. The past couple of years have been much about the very long and feminine hair, but this year, you should reconsider the long hair. The newest tendency is the short and boyish hairstyle. Is this a too big step for you, consider a hair length that goes right above your shoulders. Do you just love your long hair, this is absolutely still a cool way to go as well!
  3. Keep it natural. Are you not ready for a big change right now, our best advice to you is to keep a natural hairstyle that doesn’t require too much of you to stay fashionable. Whether your hair is straight, curly or has natural waves, the natural look can be stunning and fashionable in its own right.
  4. Keep it healthy. No matter which hairstyle, hair length and hair colour you choose for 2016, it is essential that you take good care of your hair. If your hair looks unhealthy or frayed, even the coolest hairstyle can fall to pieces. So make sure you use the right hair care products and pay attention to what your hair needs.

These were a few of the many hair tendencies that 2016 will bring, but what is most important in keeping up with fashion is that you stay true to yourself and your own style.