The Festival season has finally begun, and we are so excited at NATURIGIN! We can’t wait for a festival-filled summer, and we have actually already attended our first festival. We are talking about NorthSide festival, which is located in NATURIGIN’s hometown Aarhus, Denmark. Of course, festivals are first of all about music, but there is also a certain expectation in planning the perfect festival outfits and hairstyles 💁🏼‍♀️

On that note this is our most basic advice:

First of all, remember to bring a refreshing dry shampoo. It is kind of a fact that dry shampoo is an essential equipment for carrying you through the festival weekend with style. Luckily, NATURIGIN’s Refresh Dry Shampoo do not only contain the quality of refreshing your hair but it does also have great styling and volumizing qualities. This makes it perfect for festivals as it deals with the two most important conditions of achieving an amazing festival hairstyle!

We have spotted the trends from this year’s NorthSide festival and wrote a little piece about it. Based on these trends we have made a list with the most inspiring festival hairstyles. Do you have any festival plans this year? If yes – perhaps you will feel inspired for this summer’s festivity? 🥳


We love the playful and girly vibe that these bubble pigtails create. And the best part about this hairstyle is that it actually works better with your second-day unwashed hair. Which makes this hairstyle perfect for the festival season.


It seems that NorthSide festival was prepared for the Flower Crown trend 🌸

The Flower Crown was to see everywhere and did often go hand in hand with a lot of glitter as you can see on the pictures. And best of all – to style your hair with a floral headband is perfect for all hairstyles, whether you have curly or straight, long or short hair.


Hats can really spice up an outfit. Try accessorising with a cowboy hat like this young man 🤠

Don’t you think this hat makes the final touch for this couple to capture the perfect festival street style? Furthermore, wearing a hat protects not only your hair but also your face from the burning hot sun. Wearing the traditional sunhat did actually look like a trend on this year’s NorthSide Festival. Look at this young woman looking just fabulous with her cowboy sunhat.

At NATURIGIN we love the combination of the sunhat and her natural blonde waves.


Music festivals are the perfect time to experiment with new hairstyles. This is the time to go a little crazy and try something new. Forget about being a boring blonde with the ‘I forgot to colour my hair’-look and try a colourful alternative instead like this brave girl. Look at this colour combination – isn’t it amazing? 💙


In general, we saw a trend of embracing the natural texture of the hair. Look how these girls have styled their hair all natural with bohemian, textured waves, volumizing curls or a fine straight texture.

This makes it so easy to just concentrate on having fun while you’re enjoying the music – and perhaps a drink or two? 🍹 By choosing a hairstyle based on the natural texture of your hair you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of a classy hairstyle which leaves time to actually enjoy the festivity and the feeling of summer. At least we met this lady with the most beautiful natural curls.

To complete her festival look she has spiced her natural curls up with a colourful summer dress – this really makes the final touch! Look how this stunning lady is glowing 🤩

When this is said – remember to enjoy the following events of this summer! We wish you all a great festival season and may your hair shine as much as the summer sun ☀️

// The NATURIGIN team