In 2004 I, Mette, founded NATURIGIN together with my husband, Stig, striving for a healthier lifestyle – and this is Our story. Our family-owned company has essential qualities in product innovation with Stig’s experiences, whereas I have my strengths in complying with regulations and legislation. This combination is one of the reasons why NATURIGIN has been, and always will be, frontrunners in changing the beauty industry for the better.

Exceeding the expectations

Consumers of cosmetics and personal care products are protected by strong federal safety regulations in Denmark and Europe. Although we are working with one of the most strict cosmetic safety regulations in the world, we have even higher demands for protecting the consumer of cosmetic products. With my background as a lawyer NATURIGIN benefits greatly from my professional knowledge and strength in the cosmetics legislation.

The wake up call

Back in the late 80s our family was confronted with a dangerous disease which forced us to rethink our lifestyle. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After operations and radiation therapy, I luckily recovered and survived. It was a wake up call for me realising that the cancer was not genetically carried but could have occurred due to the use of unhealthy and toxic products. This required me and our family to make a change of our lifestyle avoiding exposure to unhealthy food, chemicals and environmental pollutants etc.

Time for change

Two years after recovering from cancer I got pregnant with our first child, which made me care even more about body and beauty treatments, as my behaviour could now harm not only myself but also my unborn child. In the search for a company providing natural, organic and sustainable beauty products we decided to create NATURIGIN.

Today, Stig and I have four children. One boy and three girls, where two of the girls are twins.


NATURIGIN is born out of the Danish way of doing business and we want to help change the world starting in the beauty industry. NATURIGIN has made it possible to choose a healthier lifestyle and not be concerned about ammonia, resorcinol and parabens when colouring your hair, as our products are based on organic extracts and natural oils. NATURIGIN represents excellent quality beauty products with certified natural ingredients.

Mette Lykkegaard, Founder