NATURIGIN was founded in 2004, when our parents, Stig and Mette, decided to take the first step towards their vision of creating a healthier and cleaner beauty industry.

Our mother was only 28 years old when the doctors found a lump in her breast. As her lifestyle had been completely healthy, facing a breast cancer diagnosis was shocking for her and for our family – luckily she recovered.

The doctors told her that the cancer wasn’t genetically worn. On that note, she decided to make her own research on the disease. She discovered that the constant exposure to toxic chemicals, such as the ones found in many beauty products, increase the risk of developing cancer.

After realising the impact that cosmetic and care products have on our bodies and health, our parents united their hearts and minds to create better and safer beauty products, with the lowest environmental impact possible. With NATURIGIN they wanted to build a more sustainable future by developing beauty products that combine exclusive quality and sustainability.

We are proud to say that our parents were revolutionary in creating NATURIGIN. They made it clear for our generation and the ones to come that high performing beauty products don’t have to be harmful for our health or the environment.

We want NATURIGIN to remain true to its origins! Yet, to continuously evolve for the better and to revolutionize the beauty industry as we know it today – for a safer and healthier future.

Today as we, Clara, Christine and Caroline, welcome you to a renewed NATURIGIN, we assure you that we will continue to offer Clean, Safe and Sustainable products and, above all, to be The Voice of Clean Beauty. 

Clara, Christine & Caroline


I am Clara Lykkegaard. For me,  the products I use for my body are at least as important as the products I use for my hair. I love when a body lotion is easily absorbed in my skin and leaves my body with a natural and mild aroma.  


I am Christine Lykkegaard. When it comes to hair products, the most important thing for me is a good shampoo that leaves my hair voluminous, healthy and shiny. I value a mild and gentle fragrance in my hair products!


My favourite NATURIGIN products are:



My name is Caroline Lykkegaard. As you can see, my hair is big and curly. Therefore it is important for me, that my hair products are specialised to treat dry and frizzy hair in order to enhance my natural curls with structure and shine.

My favourite NATURIGIN products are: