A very popular look on the runway is the sleek ponytail. A look you can easily do yourself with some few products. All you need is:

bristle brush
hair tie
bobby pins

If you have a lot of short hairs in the hair line, start by blow drying your hair backwards.
Brush your hair back and keep brushing the hair roots until the hair is completely straight. Spray evenly with hairspray and brush immediately through the hair again, to avoid stiffened hair and to smooth strands. Smoothing the front and sides as you brush your hair back to form the tight ponytail. The mixed bristle will knock out any static and give you the sleek effect. You can go for a low ponytail as seen on the photo or you can make it higher. For a low ponytail gather the hair at the nape of the neck and secure with a hair tie.
Take out a small section of hair from underneath in the ponytail and wrap it all the way around the ponytail to cover the hair tie. Secure the section of hair with a bobby pin to keep the piece of hair fastened and finish with hairspray to avoid small hair sticking out. Finish the front and the sides by brushing the top layer and spray with hairspray again.

Now get out and flaunt your perfect ponytail.