This Sunday, The Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars 2016 took place, and what better occasion to get impressed and inspired by gorgeous hairstyles? We stayed up all night to check out the beautiful Hollywood women and find our bid for this year’s most stunning hairdos.

We have spotted some of the tendencies from the red carpet and gathered our favorite hairstyles for you right here. The red carpet hairstyles anno 2016 show that there are no boundaries for making a glamorous and gorgeous look. The following trends demonstrate that you can both keep it very simple or take it to ‘the next level’ to fit in on the red carpet.

  1. The ‘hun’, the bun and the braid



One of the biggest hair trends right now is the new version of the bun, namely the ‘hun’. This hairstyle has become a popular everyday look, but as Alicia Vikander and Brie Larson elegantly demonstrates at this year’s academy awards, the ‘hun’ can also be very glamorous and classy.




While some of the stars stayed in tune with the current ‘hun’ trend, others, like Rooney Mara and Daisy Ridly chose a more futuristic and unconventional look with three topknots on a line – daring but beautiful. At the other end of the spectrum, Rachel McAdams showed how the classic bun is still a safe bet for an elegant and classy look.

Olivia Wilde

Another hairstyle possessing endless opportunities is the braid. Here, Olivia Wilde gives her bid for how to use an over-all braided hairdo looking like a bun for a more romantic look.

  1. The low-slung ponytail


priyanka chopra

One way to make a classy red carpet hairstyle while keeping it very simple is by the low-slung ponytail. Add soft curls like Sofia Vergara for a romantic and voluminous look, or keep it straight like Priyanka Chopra for a simple and classy look. To gain a glamourous and outstanding look, add voluminous earrings.

  1. Let it hang





Now we have explored some of the new trends from the red carpet, but are you not up for a totally new and different hairstyle, but just looking for an everlasting classic look, we have that for you as well. Just let it hang! Many of the beautiful Hollywood stars show how the hanging hair can still be a gorgeous and glamorous way to go. For example, Kate Winslet elegantly carries soft and easy waves. For a more outstanding look, Lady Gaga has given her vintage waves some extra bounce and volume. You can also keep it straight and simple like Jennifer Lawrence and Reese Witherspoon for a clean and elegant look. The hanging hair is always a winner if you carefully consider which feel you are going for: it can easily become romantic, sexy, classy or luxurious depending on which look you want.

These were some of our favorite red carpet hairstyles from The Academy Awards 2016, and though the Hollywood women have professional stylists doing their hair, getting that gorgeous glamorous look is not only for them. We have certainly become inspired to try out some of these trends for the upcoming spring parties.