It’s a cold January morning. We are at the office in Aarhus, Denmark. It’s raining and the storm’s raging. But we don’t care about that! We are overly excited and a bit stressed out, not because of the January sales, but because we are finally ready to relaunch our beloved hair blog.

During the past three months, we have been working on a new setup for our natural beauty blog. It’s taken blood, sweat and tears (or at least a bit of sweat), and now we are finally ready to relaunch our blog – and what better time to do this than by the beginning of a new year? New year, new hair, new blog. We are very proud to present a whole new design and a whole new – brilliant, if you ask us – name, which now forms our hair blog ‘The Hair Log’.

At NATURIGIN we strive to be constantly updated on what’s trending in hair and within the world of organic beauty. At the same time, we strive to share all our knowledge about hair – hair colouring, hair care, and general hair health – with you. And this is what The Hair Log aims to do. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and get inspiration and tips that will make your every hair day a little bit better. Feel free to comment and write to us if you have any thoughts or ideas for The Hair Log.